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Your Life As A Movie

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I always love it when the Goddess has us create a huge screen as we work on our lives in the All That Is. The Goddess has done something similar to this a few different times and each time it gives us the chance of a new perspective about our lives.

This time she began while we were still grounded in our bodies. She invited us to look around wherever we were to just see what was around us. She then had us close our eyes, breathe deeply and look with our inner eyes. In doing this, it gave everyone the chance to shift their awareness to open to a different perspective. Sometimes you could see the angels and energy around you. Sometimes you might see with a greater clarity. Still other times, it may be that you see the same things, but perhaps this time from new eyes or eyes of compassion.

From there, when we were in the All That Is, she had us each create a huge screen. This time, it was like everyone was watching a movie on the screen, but the movie was them in their lives. It really opened up a different perspective. When you look at your life from the outside in, you see with a detachment. It may give you a chance to see with greater clarity. You may find you actually appreciate things in your life. Sometimes you feel greater compassion.

She invited us to look beyond our lives and then consider out emotions. How were they affecting us? Are we in alignment or balance? Are old emotions still pulling back or holding us down? It was interesting how you see how the change in emotions created changes in life.

From there we looked at the mental body; same thing. So many people are carrying around old beliefs and old thoughts that are not supporting them. This gave everyone a chance to create change in thoughts and old patterns. It?s amazing how the old beliefs can still be holding on after all this time!

This channel allows for new perspectives, releasing of old energy and opening to new beginnings.


Question & Answer Video


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to all who are here. I send forth my love, my embrace.

As I find my sense of balance and alignment within each of you, I can feel the energies of the Universe coming into balance and anchoring more so into and around the Earth.

As you are still here anchored in wherever you are as you listen to these words, I invite you to take a look around. You may see the room in which you are. You may see the landscape if you are outdoors, and as you are doing this you see what you tend to always see as you look at this space.

I now invite you to take in a slightly deeper breath, close your eyes for a moment and then look first with your inner eyes, as if you were opening up your emotions or your sensors, and take in what you feel may be in and around you.

You breathe gently and easily then open up your eyes in that first flash as you open up is your perception different? Do you see something that you had not noticed before? Do you experience your environment in a different way?

This is one of the tools that you can use in your daily life. You look around and then you breathe deeply, allowing yourself to center within and then take a second look. The more that you practice that the more you will begin to see, sense, experience multiple dimensions or expanded awareness.

I invite you to shift your focus now. As you do so, you may take one last breath and send it down into the Earth to anchor you, and then as you allow yourself to release, feel as if you are aligning with the energies of the magnetic grid.

As you arrive within this space you may feel your expanded consciousness, you may feel your higher self, you may also have the sense of the other energies around you and the movement of energy as it?s passing through this space.

From there feel as if you let go the energies of the magnetic grid and allow yourself to move into the crystalline grid. This is called a gridwork but indeed it is less of that structured formation and more of a space of consciousness.

As you allow yourself to move through this space, allow your perception or your energies to open in such a way as to feel your own crystalline energies or your own lightbody energy. There is a movement here that assists you as you open and feel the flow of this energy.

From there you have a sense of releasing this space. As you release this energy allow yourself to shift into the energies of the soul plane. What does the soul plane mean to you? Is it that place that you always feel or you already feel that?s in alignment with your divinity?

Look around. Send out the intention to align with your divinity. As you do so you may feel as if it?s coming up from within you. You may see it as if it?s yourself and you are walking towards it. Howsoever you perceive this energy, allow yourself to open up your consciousness, open up your heart, feel the blending that takes place as it all comes within you.

As you feel yourself merging with your divinity, allow yourself to let that flow of love, that flow of compassion, and the acceptance for who you are in this lifetime. As it all flows through you, allow yourself to accept these energies. From here, I the Goddess move in and amongst each of you. As I do so I reach out to embrace each one of you.

It is as if there is only you and I. It is as if my energies merging with you creates a new space or a new awareness. As our energies merge together feel yourself shift into the space of the All That Is.

As you move into this space in some ways it?s as if you can expand as big as you want to get, and yet as big or wide open as this space is, you feel a sense of security, a sense of peacefulness or perhaps even a sense of awareness of exactly who you are.

As I am feeling the energies of everyone present, I am considering what I would like to speak with you about this evening.

I invite each one of you to create that screen in front of you that we?ve used in the past. You can consider it like a big screen tv or perhaps you?re at a movie theatre and it's a big huge, humongous screen. It can be as big as you?d like it to be or as small.

As this screen is being created for you, I?m going to infuse an energy of illumination into the picture or into the screen itself. The reason for this is that I would like to invite each one of you to have a sense of opening up to other potentials that perhaps I may illuminate for you.

But first of all consider where you are in your life right now; as if you are watching this movie and it is proclaimed ?This is my life right now? coming up on the heading. What is the first thing that you notice? As you see this movie of your life infuse into it not only what your first perception is but as if to expand upon this infuse your emotions into the picture.

For a number of you it?s as if that screen has now become somewhat subdivided with different images, as if your emotions may be showing your life from another little perspective, and you can see you as the person that you are.

And off to the side, perhaps the happiness that you feel in another picture. Any sadness, and whatever emotions seem to be most within and around you right now, allow them to become a part of this picture in whatever way works for you.

As you are the somewhat detached observer, do you notice things in a different perspective as it relates to your emotions? As you look at this movie of you as you are moving through your life, as there are different things that may be taking place on the screen perhaps your everyday activities, can you see that the emotions you are feeling have an effect upon the movie that is your life?

You can perceive that but I would like to add to it. Consider your mental body. These are the thoughts that you have, these are your beliefs, these are those things that go around and around in your mind. As you infuse your thoughts, your beliefs, into this movie that is your life, does it change anything or does it illuminate something of which you were not aware?

Again for those that have the different windows or screens within their movie, you can use that as a means of identifying or creating a greater understanding of how your thoughts and beliefs are affecting your life.

Let?s consider your thoughts. On an average day do you find that your thoughts become focused on a particular subject? Maybe you are in the process of moving through something right now.

Maybe you are seeking to create a change but your thoughts can create a focused awareness that really pushes you along or your thoughts can become a barrier that keeps you in a place of security or what your mind believes to be security.

Looking at this screen, looking as an objective person what are your thoughts doing in your life? As you are considering your thoughts how much of that is based upon the beliefs that you have in your life. Let?s take a look at your beliefs.

We?re going to change the movie for a moment, shifting it in a different direction so to speak. As you open up that door within your mind or your consciousness that has to do with your beliefs, allow them to just flow freely.

Let?s consider beliefs about you as a person you are in this lifetime. Are they supportive of you? Do you believe that you are a unique and special individual who has manifested this life so as to experience your divinity upon Earth?

I have to laugh a little bit at that one because for so many people on their spiritual journey, something along that mind or that mindset seems to be at the foundation of your beliefs.

As you consider that for your life, does it feel supportive of you or does it feel as if it?s holding you back? Do you have any beliefs about your ability to accomplish something within your life, you can fill in whatever that may be.

Oooh wee! I heard a wave of energy from people saying ?No, I don?t believe it?s going to happen because it?s never happened?. And I also heard ?Well yes I believe I can do it but I don?t know what I can do to make it work because it?s not working?.

Therefore what I?m sensing from that one particular idea or potential is that there is a part of you that has a lot of faith and belief in yourself, perhaps because you know you?ve done so much work, perhaps because you know you are tuned into your divinity and in alignment with that. And yet there?s another part of that belief as if standing there like a mirror saying ?But you haven?t done it. You?re not good enough. You?re doing it wrong?.

There are times when the belief which is the most strong support of yourself is either anchored down or has a mirrored effect that can be even stronger than your intention. At this time I invite you to look at that, look at the belief that is in support of you, and see on this big screen in front of you the ways in which your beliefs are now flowing through and interacting with everything else in your life.

As this continues to evolve in front of you, you can see how the beliefs may affect your emotions which may affect your physical. How your emotions may affect your everyday reality which supports or contradicts your beliefs. In this perception as you continue to observe this movie, allow yourself to now be open to see, sense, feel the light or the illumination that comes up from within.

I invite you to take this moment and as you consider all of these things that are coming up to your awareness, acknowledge that perhaps those emotions you thought were holding you back were creating a sense of security for you.

Perhaps the beliefs or the thoughts that are limiting do so because it too is saying ?But this is our experience, this is our reality, this is what it is?. Let any of those things as they become illuminated by this light come up in this moment.

As you observe it all working together upon this screen you can make the choice to disconnect from what no longer works for you; you can disconnect from the emotions, the thoughts, whatever it may be, that have been holding you back.

And as you do so allow that wave of energy to move through you; let it move through you in the space that you are, let it just wash through you, and send it up into the screen. As that happens it?s as if there?s a bright flash of light, the screen blanks out for a moment as if you are re-booting or re-starting your life.

Look again at that screen. Look at your life. Do you have a new perception now? Can you see opportunities that were hidden from you because your focus was on a different perspective?

If you were looking at this you are the creator, what would you like to reach out towards? What would you like to emphasize? Where would you like the energy of your awareness to flow?

Because you are here in this place of creation, you have a chance to try out different potentials. Have a sense of allowing yourself to step into this screen, step in to this movie of your life. As you do so, as if totally whether you call it your imagination or simply being in this space of the All That Is, consider what it is you wake up to in the morning.

Perhaps you?re going to a different job than you went to before. Perhaps you?re looking around at your family life, and your family members are different; you?re reacting differently to each other. Perhaps you live in a different city, drive a different car, have a different home. Perhaps you have that abundance you have been seeking.

What does it look like? What do you sense or feel? As you see or experience yourself in this alternative reality, open up the door. What are your emotions feeling like at this time? It?s very interesting what I was sensing?for some of you that sense of rightness, this is where I want to be, this is what I?ve been seeking, it?s here, I?m living it now.

In others, I could feel you looking around experiencing what you are seeking and yet still feeling sad, disappointed, depressed. Still others I could feel you looking around and thinking ?we?re on the right track and this feels much better to me but I think in truth I really want to go in this direction?.

This is a way of coming to a greater understanding of what?s happening within your emotions. Use them to be of assistance for you. For those who still continue to feel sadness, loneliness, depression, whatever it was, even when you were in a different reality.

Make a consciousness intention to move into those emotions, bring them up within you, create that alignment, that merging, whatever it is that you need. And let it move through you down to wherever that source is so that you can love, honor and support whatever is creating those emotions. As you do this you can then let them go.

You receive whatever it is that you need to have and then you release whatever was hanging over you, holding you within that space. And I invite you to look around again. How does your creation feel to you? For those of you who are in this space of creation and you?re looking or experiencing what you?ve been seeking to have, you can always ask yourself ?What do I need to get here? Is there anything I need to change in my life??

As you do this you find yourself shifting over into the thoughts or the mental process of this new creation or new opportunity. You can use your analytical self to give the descriptive answers that you are seeking. You can look from that descriptive perspective to be able to open to a greater awareness.

This is your place of creation. Allow yourself to sit back for a moment and just bask in these energies of feeling good. Allow yourself to feel the love, the support, the awareness that moves through you on every single level.

I invite you to take this feeling with you as you move through your day. Sometimes you may be within the space of this for only a few seconds at a time. Other times you may stretch it longer into minutes, hours, weeks, whatever it may be.

Take in a deep breath, breathing deeply, easily, allowing yourself to feel the flow as it moves through you. As you look again at that screen in which you?ve been at times observing and at times walking within the experiences of your life, is there anything that comes to you.

I invite you to have a sense of shifting your focus. As you do so allow yourself to come back. You may feel, see, sense the group of people who are here. And coming up within that group is the hologram that represents the Earth and the New Earth.

As this hologram comes up within the group, I invite you to send a flow of energy or awareness of what you have just created, letting it go down into the Earth or into the hologram. As you observe the hologram you may see that there is a swirl of energy that?s moving through it or you may see sparkles that seem to come out from it.

As you take all of this in, put forth the intention or the awareness that there is a balanced energy that is also flowing through this hologram. You then have a sense of letting it go as it flows down from you. There is a stream that moves out through the crystalline grid in in one direction and then the rest of it goes down into you physical earth in the other direction.

It moves through the magnetic grid and then moves down into the physical Earth itself, anchoring within, and then the energy of that hologram expands outwards. It comes out through every layer of the Earth, it comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, the flowers, it comes up through everything.

It comes up within you in your physical reality. Allow what you created to move through the space in which you live, the space in which you work, perhaps you drive, your town; it could be as big or as little as you would like. And all that energy expands moving through there.

As you do this you may have a sense of seeing how you are creating a greater stability for yourself. Continue to observe yourself from this higher perspective as you look at your life. And as you look at those alternatives you were playing with as you were living within that movie of your life, see what changes may come about in your everyday reality.

There are the solar flares, there are eclipses, there is a full moon. There are always going to be these changes in the Universe that are affecting the Earth, sometimes amplifying the energies, sometimes seeming to create barriers and sometimes seeming to create a greater ease. With this intention, as you look at yourself, as you look at your life, put forth the awareness that you are balanced.

And that you have a flow and an ease within your life. Open up to become aware of any information or emotions or whatever it may be that comes to you as you look at your life from this higher perspective. You may then feel your energies or feel yourself coming back within this space of the All That Is.

As you look around there may be an opening in the perspective or an expansion in your awareness. Let that move through you. Have a sense of allowing yourself to move through the energies of the All That Is until you find yourself back in the soul plane. Here within the soul plane you align once more with your divinity. Take in your greater perception that is now available to you.

Recognize how your divinity embraces and receives back any part of you that you have let go that you?ve released that?s no longer working for you.

It is brought back into the fold of the All That Is or your I Am presence so that you as you shift your focus and your consciousness coming back down more so into your everyday reality you are bringing with you that which is in your best interest and it flows through.

You feel yourself shifting thought the crystalline grid moving back into the magnetic grid and you once more feel that pull, the gravitational pull of the Earth here within your consciousness.

You again allow yourself to flow back down within your physical reality. As you come back within this space let yourself feel the expansion around you. As much of your divinity as you can flows down, filling up within and around you.

Accept this new potential; accept this new reality. Feel yourself as more balanced within your life.

And so with that beloved family we will bring this evening to a close.

I invite you to work with that screen as a means of giving yourself that detached perspective of yourself. I invite you to open up to the flow of compassion and awareness within yourself.

I invite you to take this as an opportunity of looking at your life with new eyes, experiencing the potentials around you from a new perceptive and then allowing all of that to unfold in whatever shape it may.

I am ever with you and within you.


Question and Answer

Hello. This is Shelly Dressel and I welcome you to the question and answer session of the teleconference. This was channeled during the time of the teleconference and I have separated them into two separate channels for an ease in being able to access whatever you might be seeking.

The people that are asking the questions were on the live teleconference and sometimes their voices did not come through as loudly or as clearly as mine did so there may be some slight discrepancy in the audio. I have made an attempt to adjust the audio so that each question can come through as clearly as possible.

Thank you for listening to this and I encourage you to join us on the live teleconference. Have a great day.


As we bring this evening to a close, I invite you to come back within the room by pressing *6 on your phone. If you would like to ask a question, I am open to receive.

Question 1: (Hello.) Good evening Goddess this is Sylvia calling in and I was hoping you can give me a scan on my teeth. I had some old mercury removed in three teeth and a couple of years ago I started removing some and I got really, really ill. I had some?.. meditation on releasing fears and being in touch with our feelings. It was very emotional for me and I called in a lot of healing angels to assist me with those and I just wondered if your saw any mercury still in my body or in my teeth.

Answer: Okay. So Sylvia if you will take a breath in please and invite us to merge within you open up your heart center and feel our energies as we come within you that will give us a better perspective. (Okay)

We see that removing the mercury was a catalyst for much greater change than just removing the mercury from your teeth. We see that it was about many different elements, meaning more than just mercury that had became toxic inside of you, becoming neutralized, becoming released, becoming detoxified. It felt like the process that began on a very physical level moved through your emotions, through your mental body and just created a complete transformation within your life. We are hearing a little bit of, ?All I wanted to do was work on my teeth?, and the next thing you know you are this completely different person and we see that from the perspective of years not just going bit by bit by bit.

So therefore as we look at you now we see that some of those elements that you were holding on inside of you were also a means of grounding you into the earth and as we look at you now we see you as being much more liked, much more transparent almost etheric at times, especially when you allow yourself to expand into your higher consciousness.

So is all the mercury gone, that basic question you asked us? Our sense is that yes it is, but we see in place of the individual who has gone through this detoxification is that you have really bought in a lot more of your divinity and it feels as if that there is more that is waiting here for you to integrate it. This journey tonight was actually a way that you opened up to receive, or acknowledge, that there is more that you can do that there is another step that you can take and it is as if that has bought all of that together for you or all of that into a new beginning. Does that resonate with you beloved?

Caller: Yes Goddess I have been, um this journey tonight I know it was definitely what I needed and going through this whole process a couple of years ago was how I got really ill and really had to jump into my body and bring in my? I know spirit was telling me that I needed to remove it and take out all these things. Where going through my own personal feelings and enlightenment, because it really taught me how to listen, how to reach out not just for help, but also help myself to really go into my own body and really ask and bring in the light to different areas, which I did use when you chose to bring in mine.I know at one time when I called in with the ascension you said that I had like a needle going in through my head which I needed expanded outwards more. I have been doing that every day when I bring in the light and I know that it has helped and sometimes I am not too sure if each time I have gone for more treatments I feel it?s better and lighter, but there is a part of me that still like holds on to that old. It is like I am going through that shift of that old paradigm, that old self of that shedding of that old self or those fears.

Goddess: Well what we saw taking place, as you were looking at that movie for yourself this evening, was that the fears that you are speaking of and those things that are coming up for you are what is anchoring you in a space that is comfortable and knows and it is like it is coming to us as a security blanket.

So that the part of you that we saw that was still outside of you that is waiting to be integrated is the part that is going to merge with that sense of security. So as you step into a more healthy reality, or this new reality that you have created, it can feel comfortable in that space as if you are fully supported and as if you are fully acknowledged for everything that you are bringing in.

So as you are doing your daily prays and meditation let yourself bring up, if it is fear that comes up that day, bring up fear with the intention of merging it with your divinity. If you have to do that for several days in a row, weeks or whatever, you will find that the fear is less and less until it is completely gone. What you will find is what is taking the place of it is that there will be times when you will be feeling yourself on a daily basis, or sometimes every few days, where you think ?oh I haven?t thought about that do I want to try that? and there may be something inside that gives you a little knot around your solar plexus.

But if you step into it, and you allow yourself to experience it, that is the way that you are going to be experiencing in your life this new awareness, this new perspective that you are bringing in. Does that make any sense?

Caller: Yes it does it does, it definitely does. It just definitely resonates and it is interesting that you say Solar Plexus because I definitely that is where I get a lot of information that I know I have to work on something.

Goddess: Exactly and begin to create a new belief for yourself that you are no longer having to work on so much. You now are having to simply experience being you, because you have been in this process of transformation you have thought you have to work, have to work, have to work and the step beyond having to work is about experiencing and simply being who you are.

Caller: Yes and that is where I have actually been being in that state of feeling like water that is continuously flowing and not just sitting there and becoming stagnant and just allowing to flow through what my body is feeling and even without feeling my emotions like you said within my physical, emotional and mental bodies. Just flowing with it and just breathe in light and let it go and let?s see where I am going next. (Exactly) Just staying within my self. (Exactly perfect.) Wow thank you so much. Oh you know I wanted to ask you one more thing I have these brown patches that appeared on my face.

Goddess: Excuse me we hate to cut you off Sylvia but there are about 5 more people waiting.

Caller: Oh no problem okay thank you so much.

Goddess: Okay you?re very welcome beloved.

Caller: Bye.

Goddess: Bye bye.

Question 2: Hello Goddess. (Hello.) I just wanted to remark about what this journey felt like to me. I have been doing these journeys for 5 or 6 years now and I have never felt one like I felt tonight. When we first started out you asked us (I?m not sure what it was now) to close our eyes then open our eyes again and look around with more like our spirit eyes. At that point I saw (and at that point my eyes were still closed) and I saw like a whole room full of spirit beings here with me. It was like well that?s interesting.

The interesting thing for me was that today I finally got out all those poems that I wrote between January and May 2007 and I started putting them on a blog and I was feeling such compassion for myself as I started to read through those old poems and seeing where I was then and compare to where I am now. So then when we continued on the journey tonight and we got to, I?m not sure, I think it was the soul plane and whatever it was that you were saying I felt all of myself kind of join all together and felt so much love for myself. (Wonderful.) It was just amazing and I kept feeling this sense of love and compassion and I don?t even know how to express it, but I have never felt like I did with this journey tonight.

Answer: Well, beloved thank you very much for expressing what this journey was for you as you were talking about this a number of things going through our mind. One of which is for how many years have you gone off on a tangent when we have had one of these journeys or you have forgotten about what it was. So to be able to have a journey, or to be able to have an experience and it felt in part like it was contrast that you were already feeling.

What did you say it was 2007? You have come so very, very far since that time frame. So to tap into this that began, not began with this journey, but took you to the next level of your journey of exploration to be in the process of all those emotions for the last several days, or whatever length it was and then to actually have an experience that was the focus of the transition that you are creating for yourself. It is as if everything lined up for you, everything was amplified, and it gave you the opportunity to be really fully present and experience everything as it was moving through.

Caller: I knew when we were looking at the movie screen and I was picturing what was on there. I don?t need to go into any details about what it was, but the feeling that I had within myself was Wow I really get to do this.

Goddess: Uhum and you are capable of doing it. You have created it and now you can accept it for yourself so often that?s one of the layers, or levels, or the place of awareness where there is a breakdown. In the all that is of course you believe and yeah this would be great and then you are in your everyday reality and that?s where it seems so good up there and where is it now. So you have created that bridge and moved across that bridge so you can truly embrace this high potential you have seen for yourself.

Caller: Yeah I just wanted to say that then after that I did go off in my own little thing and I don?t know where I was. Maybe that?s my question when I go off on my own little tangent and I?m not present for the channeling. What is it? Where am I going? What is going on there?

Goddess: You are going many different places. Sometimes you are working with the energies of various planets Pleiades and Sirius in particular. Sometimes you are just going off to a place of healing and expansion. Sometimes you are going deeper into your I am presence. It is a wide variety of places in which you go. It is not that it even matters really, because the key is that you use this as a springboard to allow yourself to go wherever it is you need at that time.

Caller: Okay.

Goddess: All right beloved well thank you so much for sharing and we look forward to seeing how this next integration or this next level of integration is going to take you.

Caller: It?s been amazing since you suggested I do this self-love breathing. I?ve had the most extraordinary past few weeks. (Excellent.) I just wanted to thank you for that.

Goddess: You?re very welcome.

Caller: Thank you.

Goddess: You?re welcome.

Question 3: Hi Goddess this is Amy. (Hello.) Hi I know big changes are coming for me I am just wondering if you see if I will be moving in 2012 or this will happen in 2013.

Answer: Amy can you tell us again where you live.

Caller: New Hampshire.

Goddess: New Hampshire Okay. We knew your energies and we felt like this blurb you know it was just we were distracted a little bit by your light so we know your question is about moving, but we have to first of all tell you that we can see so much change around you. We can see the amount of light or energy that you are carrying within and around you now is hugely expanded from what it used to be, because when you just reached out to us and asked us to come in and look at you it was just like Wow. If you picture like a star burst or a you know like with an actual movement or flow where it?s like it?s going out. We hope that describes it well enough. Anyway do you feel like that represents you? Does that feel like you to yourself also?

Caller: Yes it does I feel like I?ve? You know I have been on this fast track anyway and I just feel I?ve made leaps and bounds. (Absolutely.) It feels so amazing.

Goddess: So then coming back around to your question. It feels like you have had the potential to move a couple of different places and you said it yourself you?re on the fast track so it?s as if whatever was in alignment with you before there was a part of you, or energetically on some level, decided no that?s not what I want anymore. We have a sense of you moving Cape Cod or maybe that?s where you are. It just felt like somewhere more up in the North East, but more towards water or in water, around water, but now we have a sense of you moving either further South, or maybe even out towards Colorado. It just feels different than what it has looked before.

So in part the location of what you were looking at feels different and because of that the timing feels different. We don?t have a sense of it happening in the next few months that can complete 2012 it feels to us more so like later winter or spring in 2013 and it feel like that because you are looking at a different location. Are you considering a different location or still the same place as before?

Caller: I?m just open for anything. I single and I?ve been told Mr wonderful is coming and he may be the catalyst to me to move. I am open to going anywhere. I need to be and I know I am going to be of service.

Goddess: We would say broaden your perspective of where you might want to go and in looking at that then?.that gosh that?s funny. We just had this image of you having a map of the US and using a pendulum and like putting your hand over a particular State saying do I want to go here, do I want to go here, or do I want to go here. Or using something you can use a pendulum, or your inner guidance or whatever it is. Just use that and then begin to look around and read about these different places or read about what?s available there and it feels like it gets you really excited and it feels like it brings up potentials and opportunities, because we just had a thought come through we think it may be Pennsylvania or something like that. What are those there is some mountain range with lakes and stuff. What?s it called? We do not know the name of it offhand. But anyway it feels like there is something it feels like it has got beautiful mountains there, but water. For some reason we always feel you around water. So we would say to consider that as you are looking at things.

As for a mate or a partner I feels like you have been maybe focusing on that in a particular dimension and it feels like it is kind of narrow and we would say to you to expand that and let go of any particular belief of how he is coming in and it feels like it?s going to bring in more potentials for you.

Caller: Thank you so much.

Goddess: Okay you are welcome.

Question 4: Hello Goddess I just have not a particular question, but I just feel like moving forward as always? with every step I take is not going to be the right one and the hesitancy and I know that there is fear involved, but also a sense of hopelessness. That?s what I can?t get around.

Answer: So with this sense of hopelessness. What we see in you is that your feet are in cement blocks and you are trying to walk, and you cannot even move your legs, and it feels like this is something to do with a recent disappointment. It just feels like there is something recent that has happened.

So the first thing we want to do for you and anybody else who is listening to this can also do this. Go down inside of yourself and if there are recent disappointments, or recent things that are just not going the way they are, and have a sense of tapping into whatever that is and then just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up for a second then breath it out Phew let that go, Phew. Okay there that was good Kevin. It felt like at least it took off at least the top layer, or at least it took off a couple of layers. So we want you to breathe down inside of yourself again and this time as you are doing so reach outward like you are pulling up. It just feels like you have tentacles or all these things going out from you as if they are all acting to anchor you. So just bring everything in from wherever it needs to be and then bring it up, bring it up, bring it up Phew and let that go. Okay there that second time felt like it let things go a little bit better. Can you feel the difference coming up from that?

Caller: I can feel difference I don?t know how much is mood making or how much is actually letting go. Deep breathing kind of helps let things go.

Goddess: Uhum and whenever you feel yourself stuck in disappointment, or stuck in a particular place like you?re not moving, if you consciously reach down inside of you and if you take a deep breath and breathe out like that as a means of releasing then it can at least shift the energy of where you are right then and there.

The next thing that we would say to you is that you are so hard on yourself about the chooses that you make and feeling like you let yourself down, or feeling like you are not following your heart?s desire and that you are still staying, or you are still in a stuck place. Because this has been going on for a number of years our sense is let yourself, instead of always feeling bad about yourself or giving yourself a hard time, then shift it around. Make it more so, well you know what this is what I have been doing so instead of judging myself I am just going to flow love to myself.

So those deep breaths that you have been taking and especially what you did on the journey as you were looking at that screen of your life you did step into different potentials and you did step into other ideas. So whether or not it is something you are conscious of, or if it is just an idea, just let yourself breathe that in and do so with the conscious intention of breathing in self-love, breathing in allowing, breathing in acceptance. When you?re in that space and you feel the depression it seems like you forget to do that, or it?s harder to do that, so just breathe down first of all connect to whatever it is that feels heavy and frustrated. Phew breathe out let it go and then with the very next breath in breathe in as if you were breathing in a golden color, or breathing in a golden love light energy, breathe it down so it just moves through you and let it move into you as self-love, self-acceptance and self-awareness. As you breathe that down then it is going to take up the space of whatever it was that you just let go and it?s going to help you feel lighter again. So instead of continuing to fight against yourself you begin to embrace and respect and honor yourself. Does that resonate with you beloved?

Caller: Yes I understand the process.

Goddess: Do you feel as if you could accept that into you?

Caller: Yes I think I could do it. I have done so many of these visualizations and so many in the past for this. You know a major part of this is self-forgiveness and things like this.

Goddess: Exactly so when people say something like that, ?Well I?ve done it so many times in the past, or it hasn?t worked in the past?. You know that time when you are being hard on yourself that is what keeps you in that space of stuck energy, because you say I?ve done it in the past and I?ve ended up here again. So rather than judging it, or rather than giving it the energy of intensity, just say, ?Oh here I am again?, and just start that breathing of self-love, the letting go then that?s going to take away that energy of judgment and criticism and instead it is going to allow you to feel better. So when you begin to feel better sometimes it may be baby steps and other times it may be big changes that allow you to feel better, but this is something that it feels like it has been a part of your life lesson, being so hard on yourself, and we feel like you have been going through many different ways and layers of experiencing it. Then it is almost like one day you will just wake up and it will just be in a different place and you will be done with it.

Caller: Thank you very much.

Goddess: You?re welcome.

Question 5: Hi it is Suzanne again. (Oh hi.) I relate to Kevin. I had a sense when you were talking to him that it keeps coming back for myself like in a spiral and yet that one day it will just spiral to the point where it is not there any longer.

My question was actually when you mentioned during the meditation, which by the way was awesome, you said about there being one part that is very powerful, then an equal or even greater aspect of yourself, and my thought was that I always had tremendous power in the faith and the trust I have in God and maybe for most of my life in an external part. So I was wondering if the part that does feel hopeless that does have a lot of self-doubt, lack of self-worth, unforgiveness is that the part that is equal, or greater than, then how do you kind of make that higher part the more powerful.

Answer: Yes that is actually what we were seeing. We can see that you and the other people that were in that same space, in that same alignment, were there experiencing that as part of the journey. Because that is what happens in these journeys it?s as if people that are in a similar space come together in that vibration and I can see and work with that energy and people that are having different experiences and in a different space and this is the way that the all that is supports one another and creates a greater expansion for whatever the person is going through.

So what I was speaking of (and I do think you do understand it in what you are saying) is that you may see, sense, experience yourself and have this intrinsic belief in who you are, what you can do and potentials, but yet it is almost like an insidiousness or the part that whether it is that you don?t want to look at it or give it too much acknowledgement because you do not want to shine the light on it too much.

So by almost stuffing it down and almost ignoring it, it becomes bigger and bigger and that is the sense that I was getting with you and a number of other people. So by creating a space of allowing self-love and just compassion to flow into you without any particular focus or direction for it that?s what begins to go in and work on that part of you that feels separated, that feels depressed, that feels sad, that feels frustrated, that feels any of those emotions. Then as that part of you begins to open up and accept simply compassion.

I say simply compassion, compassion is one of the most powerful energies there is because it is without judgment, it is without any particular direction, it is simply the purest form of love and so when you allow compassion to move through you, or to move into you, for whatever form it may take then that is what is going to neutralize or merge with those energies that are keeping you separate from that you really want for yourself. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Caller: Absolutely because I could feel the power and compassion the earlier caller had for herself when she was on the soul plane (Exactly and expressing it). Compassion and that is like the breathing in of the self-love and the golden energy and just allowing it to flow wherever it wants to go.

Goddess: Exactly, now one thing that I am hearing too is that sometimes when people feel that disconnection to self-love and I speak of you breathing in self-love it is as if it creates that form of resistance inside of you so that it still keeps self-love at a distance. So if you give something that is a similar vibration to self-love a different name such as compassion, or golden light, or white light, you know whatever it is that has a place that it doesn?t have the energetic attachment to it that self-love might have, then that?s what is going to allow it to move into you and work with you in a more direct way. Does that make sense?

Caller: Absolutely Thank you so much.

Goddess: You?re welcome. So recognizing that speaking of these energies and emotions in this way is really allowing them to come up within you in such a manner that we would say with you too that just as we know that you were breathing and letting go when we worked with the other individual let?s just focus on you for this moment too. Gather all of those energies up, bring them up, bring them up in your solar plexus from your heart, we feel it stuck on your back from different places inside of you, bring it up from wherever it needs to come. Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. Phew and let it go. Oh good could you feel that energy shift out of you?

Caller: I feel much better my goodness.

Goddess: Definitely so for now just breathe in compassion, breathe in the flow of light, breathe in the flow of energy and as you are breathing it in it is like it moves through and it is filling in all those little nooks and crannies inside of you and it is giving it a different vibration and filling up that space with something that will allow you to feel better and it is going to support and amplify that part of you that knows you have that greater potential.

Caller: Wonderful and thank you so much to the group too because I do know what you said earlier that it is us all coming together of like vibration that makes everything easier for you to see, to read, to help. Thank you so much.

Goddess: You?re welcome and thank you so much for your comments we appreciate it.

Caller: Oh I appreciate you.

Goddess: Thank you.