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Wesak Energies & the Now Moment

Sunday, May 6, 2012

This channel took place on the day after the Wesak Festival, May 2012. The Wesak festival represents the celebration of Buddha?s birthday and occurs on the full moon in May. This is also an opportunity for Buddha and the Christ energy to create an alignment and return to earth. Both essences are aspects of Sananda. They come together at this time to anchor more fully the energies of Ascension and Christ Love.

This year was particularly powerful. First of all there was an opening of the heart center of the collective conscious on 11-11-11, almost 6 months ago. There have been a number of solar flares and other influxes that have continued to anchor that energy or increase the volume. In doing so, many people felt off. They felt in limbo or as if it was very difficult to get things done. With this festival this year, they brought in a very powerful anchoring energy that will allow all people to be able to access the higher vibrational energies.

They spoke of releasing the past and the ways in which people may get stuck there. From there they spoke of people align in with what they are waiting for. They are unhappy because they have not yet manifested something they want in their lives. In both instances, they assisted people with letting go, then shifting the energy around to be more aware in the now moment. There were very powerful releases taking place and with that came an even more powerful alignment with divinity.

Buddha and Yeshua were able to show everyone how to move through the veil. The greater your awareness in the moment, the more you?ll be able to work with shifting energies. We could see, sense, feel how powerful the energies were then ?boom?! All of a sudden there was a very powerful surge of energy and this alignment of Buddha & Yeshua sprung up all around the world.

They spoke of how people can bi-locate, transition energies and more. In the end, the Goddess had everyone align with their divinity and anchor these energies of change.

This year at the time of this Full Moon the moon itself was a ?super? moon meaning it was closer to earth and appeared even large. As a result of this the energies of this channel were even stronger and it anchored more fully whatever transition a person went through. No matter when you read this, you can open to the same affect.

It was truly filled with energy & light.


Question & Answer Video


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you, I open my arms and I invite you to come join me in an embrace; an embrace of love, an embrace of light, an embrace of All That Is.

As you feel my energies blend with you while we are still here in your Earth plane, you may have a sense of the shifting that takes place, not only from myself but also within you.

There is an immense transformation taking place on the Earth right now. This transformation is more of what has already been taking place, but it is also allowing everything to move to the next level.

I am so pleased that we are able to get together on this day that is so close to the Wesak festival. I wish to speak of this while we are still here in grounded and then we will go out in to the universe and once again re-align with these festivals or with these energies.

The Wesak has actually been around for several thousand years. It may have been called by different names but the month that you call May which is about re-birth, new beginnings, it is after the equinox but before the solstice, it?s a time of growth and it always has been upon the Earth.

As the energies continue to change and transform the energies of all individuals, be them angels, ascended masters, ray lords, whomever, are even more readily available to you than they have ever been before. This is going to continue as the Earth itself continues its transformation into the higher dimensions.

The veil is becoming thinner. There is an overlap of some of the dimensions, instead of them being separated from one another, through the crystalline grid there is an overlap that is taking place.

We speak many times about the lightbody energies and how they are having an impact upon each one of you. Your lightbody energy is that which links you to the crystalline energies of the universe or its another source essence that allows you to have your experience as the human in this lifetime.

So this too is becoming stronger, more powerful and much more integrated within your life.

I debate how much to do right now while we are here as Earth-bound and how much to speak about when in the All That Is. The potential is coming that we may go to a place where we need not consciously shift as if we are going through the stair steps to go from where you are right now into the All That Is.

It will be a co-creative experience; you will be there and you will be here and your consciousness will be aware of both all at the same time

For those of you who so choose you can open up and experience what that is for you and your perceptions right now.

I believe I will have everybody take in one more breath as you breathe down within yourself. This time consciously send that breath all the way down into the Earth.

Allow yourself to feel the energies of the Earth. Reach out to Gaia. Find that alignment and then let all those energies stream back up within you so that it anchors in your solar plexus and your heart center.

When you anchor yourself in this manner you can then have a greater ability to release your consciousness and as it releases you have a sense of letting it stream up from you in your physical existence and it shifts into the energies of the magnetic grid.

For those who so choose you are welcome to go directly into the soul plane, but for many others it helps you to identify more fully who you are as the human and then who you are as your divinity when you take these stair steps.

So here linking with the magnetic grid allows you to open to the perception of these impulses of light and these impulses of energy as they flow through and around the Earth.

As you feel the energies of the magnetic grid you may have that sense of feeling your higher self; you may feel yourself expanding. This is a means of anchoring you. It is a means of also opening up to these vibrations.

I then invite you to shift your focus. You allow your energies to move into the crystalline grid. As you arrive within the crystalline grid you may have that sense of feeling the pure vibration, the pure essence of what this is. You may have a sense of your consciousness streaming in every direction at the same time.

You may have a sense of feeling more expanded than you have been a moment ago. As you allow yourself to feel these energies of the crystalline grid you then let them move through you, creating a sense of balance, creating a clearing, creating a greater feeling of alignment.

I invite you to shift your focus once more. Allow yourself to move into the energies of the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane have a sense of reaching out to your I AM presence. As you do so you may have a sense of it coming up within you. You may have a sense of it being separate from you and you reach out to embrace.

As you merge with your divinity, allow yourself to expand even further. Here within your divinity you have the ability to reach out to the many different lifetimes that you have experienced.

Every one of you has been up on the Earth, you?ve been out in the Universe, you?ve been part of other stars, planets; you have had a multitude of different experiences and all of that is what creates you as your divinity.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you. I reach out once more and embrace you in your entirety. It may feel different to you than when you were there upon your Earth. I invite you to be open and receive all of my love, my essence and my awareness that I share with you.

As our energies merge you will find yourself shifting into the All That Is. As your energies align within this space you may feel as if you fly free, as if you expand in every direction. This is your place of creation. This is where you come on a very continuous basis whenever you are in a process of creation.

As we gather here this evening, there is a lot for each of you to experience and for us to discuss. I invite you to gather around. You may have a sense of an amphitheater. You may have a sense of just a simple group of people standing as one.

Tonight I invite my beloved friend Buddha to come within this space and make his presence known to you. As he joins everybody you may see him, sense, feel him in a different manner than you have in the past because he himself has experienced a transformation. I will shift the energies to him and invite him to speak with you at this time.

Buddha speaks:

?I greet you and I send out to each one of you my prayer and my awareness of love and creation.

As you are all very well aware, no body ever dies. They let go of their physical body, but their consciousness, their divinity, their essence, continues on for many, many, many other experiences. I am indeed an aspect of Sananda but one of the reasons I wished to come and speak with you at this time is to invite you to create a new alignment with me.

Let us speak of what is happening upon your Earth. And before I go much further I invite my brother Yeshua to come in so that we may communicate together to all of you. So you have a sense of looking over to the side and he walks into this circle or this gathering and he stands beside me as we address you.

For those who are seeking a visual the Goddess of Creation, it is as if she hovers a little above us as a white light and then on one side of her is I, Buddha, and the other side is Yeshua, so that it makes a triangle, so to speak.?

Yeshua speaks:

?Greetings, it is I, Yeshua, also known as Jesus, also known as Christ energies. We all have many different names with which people identify with us. If I were to walk over to each one of you, you would have many different names by which you?re known.

Indeed many of you are right here with us in this plane of existence working with people in the same manner in which we are. So indeed we are this essence, we are teachers, we are a consciousness, we are a light. But so are you.

Buddha & Yeshua speak as a blended energy:

So as to make it less complicated, Buddha and I are going to flow our energies back and forth between us and you may feel or sense when one or the other of us is speaking but it?s going to be more of a flow because we have a lot we would like to discuss at this time.

Many of you remember this past November the numbers given to it were the 11.11.11 transition of energies. I invite you to think back. What was your perception of that time? Or did you even have a perception of before that and after that?

That was the opening of a vortex of energy that allowed for the opening of the heart center from the collective consciousness of the Earth. Some of you may say what does that mean?

Well, it gave Gaia and all the rest that make up the energies or the essence of the Earth the opportunity to expand into a higher vibration. It gave each one of you who are upon this conscious path the opportunity to open and embrace more of your divinity.

It gave those people who as yet were not consciously aware that they were upon a path, an opportunity to step into a new beginning. As I speak of this it may be somewhat simplified and you may know for yourself in your own life that you were most likely caught up in a little bit of all of those energies plus even more than what I speak of at this time.

I would not have been able to walk upon the Earth during my time as Christ if not for the ascension process that Buddha has gone through. Not only he but many others had the opportunity to experience life and ascension or shifting of consciousness from one state of being into a higher, lighter, vibrant state of being and if each one had not had that opportunity or that experience it would not have created the shift that allowed me to do what I wished to do during my experience.

This in turn created the foundation or potential for everything that is taking place right now upon the Earth. As you consider your history you may point the finger or identify various times in history that had a profound affect upon the consciousness, upon humanity, upon the Earth.

It is truly not separated one from another, it is but all of the whole.

So considering all of that, where is the Earth today and where are you today? You have now had the opportunity of nearly for some an immediate awakening, for others years and years of experiences, but it is all coming together and it is all in the now moment.

Consider your life. Consider your alignment with your divinity. We ask you a question; how much of your focus is upon the things that have happened in your past?

How much of your focus is caught up in feeling guilt, anger, frustration, sadness or a multitude of other emotions that keep you tied to the past.

Here is an opportunity for you to bring that up to the forefront. You may give it to us or you may do it yourself if you so choose, but bring it up into the light and bring it in to this moment and let it go.

You most likely have heard there is no past or future there is only the now moment. Indeed this is true but as humans you remember the past. You plan for the future. You live in the now.

So we say to you how much of your life is caught up in things that are as yet a part of your life, things that are in the future, things that you o=would like to have or experiences that you would like to have?

If your focus is spent on things that as yet have not manifested then let that come up in this moment, throw it in this pot, throw it in between all of us. And throw it away.

I know you are still saying but my past occurred, it?s affecting me, but I wish to have what I seek to bring in. All of that remains the same and it remains consistent.

Ooh there?s a big thunder! A big emphasis. [This was speaking of a thunder storm going on during the channel!]

So allow yourself to recognize that you are creating and you are seeking to have things, experiences, relationships, whatever it may be, you are seeking to have that in your life. But allow your focus to be upon the now moment.

Feel yourself very present in whatever is happening right now. If the now moment is filled with pain, sorrow, unhappiness, then allow yourself to bring that up within you. Bring it up and give it to us so that we may assist you and let it go.

There is only this moment so allow your focus to be upon feeling good. If you have to make it up as if you don?t even know what that is like, imagine what it could be like and let your focus be on that. We walk between all of you, touching you, embracing you, assisting you.

We are here in service to you. It brings us joy. It allows us to do what we choose to do. Now we invite you to come and experience our Wesak energies.

Look down towards the Earth from this dimension and as you do you may have a sense of the Himalayan mountains. Indeed that is where I call home, that is where I always return, so that is always the focus of where I am going.

You see me in front of you as if I am as real as solid, as consistent as you. And now my intention is to come once more blending with the energies of the Earth and so it is as if I create a column of light but it no longer needs to be something that?s insulated or something that is thick so to speak.

Instead it is with great ease that I shift my focus and suddenly I am walking here in the meadow. I can touch the flowers, I can sit on a rock, I can see all the many souls that have come here for this time.

The majority are there as an anchor for me but with this transformation taking place upon the Earth, I no longer need that focus as the anchor.

So you feel through your alignment with me and I invite you to come down, allow yourself to shift into this space with me. You can experience it from your perception in the All That Is; you can experience it as you walk beside me.

I am walking through the meadow as if in a pattern creating an opening and a vortex that allows these energies to become even more prominent.

Some of you have that sense of Gaia; she makes her presence known. Have a sense now of shifting your focus until Yeshua begins his descent. For those of you who are left here in the All That Is, I invite you to gather here with me.

It is as if I step out into a state of being and my energy shifts down. As I arrive within this meadow I create an alignment with Gautama and we both manifest ourselves physically in this space. This is something that is going to be easier and easier to do as time goes by. We are here. We are present. We are available to you.

You may notice the group of elders so to speak that come forward to speak with us at this time. They?re speaking of the transformations taking place upon the Earth. They?re speaking of the energies. And as we communicate with them we open and increase the flow of our energy, the flow of our consciousness.

And as this happens you may have a sense of all around the world streams of this dual consciousness are anchoring.

This is happening inside the Earth; it?s happening on top of the Earth; it?s happening in many of the landmarks that are well known. This group of elders that came to us; they make a smile. They have been asking for a number of years ?Is this the year?? Indeed it is.

As these streams of consciousness create an anchor and move throughout the world it?s creating an even greater awareness so that each one of you may tap into this energy. It is not here only for this time. It is here permanently.

You may tap into this any time you so choose because now is the time that the Earth can handle having these energies. You may ask ?what does that mean??

You will have the opportunity to shift your consciousness much more fully from one place to another. You may have a sense of living multiple existences at the same time. You may access the aspects of your self that have created not only your I Am presence but that are also physically present on the Earth. You may bring them back within your consciousness of awareness.

You have the ability to let go energies that no longer work for you. You have the ability to create magic. You have the ability to transform metals. It?s limitless.

We hear you speaking, asking us if this is available right now, right in this minute. Indeed it is. The reality is that as humans, most likely it will take longer for this all to integrate, so be at peace, be open to accept new opportunities, be open to allow your physical body to create a new alignment, be open to receive your lightbody energy as a more prevalent part of who you are.

Take a deep breath in, allowing all of this to move through you. We have been communicating with the group of people who are here in the Himalayas, we have also sent our consciousness out and we are communicating with people located in these many other places around the Earth; Mt Shasta, Machu Pichu, Uluru, the pyramids, the waterfalls, we could go on and on.

Accept the process that we have already experienced and allow that to assist you.

What is ascension? Ascension has a different meaning to different people. For us ultimately it?s that you may shift your consciousness through different levels of awareness or different dimensions with ease.

Be open and allow. We are going to shift our consciousness back once again into the All That Is so there is a sense of movement, each of you we invite you to practice what it is to consciously ascend. As you do so you find how easy that is.

As you gather once more within this space, we will take another moment to anchor the energies. Look back as if to look at the Earth. Be aware of how thin the veil is. Ask to know what is the veil?

When you ask to know what the veil is, you may have a sense of seeing, perhaps denseness, perhaps a vapor, perhaps you no longer can see as clearly as you did. But recognize that the veil is a separation in consciousness that was created in part because as a human the ability to take in and understand was unavailable to you.

The more that you recognize you don?t have to have it all within your physical consciousness or your physical brain, it?s about creating that alignment so it flows easily back and forth that allows you to have the opportunity to be fully conscious and to be aware of what it is in other realities and other existences.

Here in the All That Is you?re very aware of that. I Yeshua bow to you and thank you for this opportunity of creating a new alignment. I Gautama Buddha also bow to you, expressing my appreciation for this opportunity to speak with you.?

The Goddess of Creation:

I the Goddess now step forth and they show you as they ascend into the essence of Sananda. They do this to allow you to see the ease with which movement can be. They do this as an opportunity to show you that it?s been done so follow in their path as a means of creating greater ease for yourself.

You need not follow in their path and give up your uniqueness and your individuality; you need only step into that path that allows you to have assistance so that you can have greater ease with in your life.

They spoke of living in the now moment. So I invite you to take stock of that. How do you feel right now?

I also invite you to reach out here in the All That Is for your lightbody energies and invite that to come and merge with you even more fully. That column of light that you saw the two of them move through to get to the Earth is created by their lightbody energies. This is what you use sometimes in a way in which you are unconscious, other times in a way in which you are fully conscious.

As you become ore comfortable and aware of what that is for you, invite it to become more prevalent, to be there as an anchor and to be there as a means of assisting you in your everyday life.

So as you come back in and you look at yourself and take stock of yourself, what is your perception? Have things shifted? Can you feel the greater peace? Can you feel, sense, know the greater recognition of who you are?

This is you. This is you as source essence but it?s you as the personality or the human that you are in this life. Because your focus, your attention, your awareness is on the now moment, bring into the now moment all that you seek to have.

See it as accomplished, see it as done. Bring it in to this moment, experience it to the fullest. As you do that you may be able to feel if there?s anything at all that needs to take place so that this now moment can be your experience upon the Earth.

Here within the All That Is you can clear out any energies that no longer work for you. You can embrace accepting the flow, accepting the awareness.

Yeshua and Buddha showed you the ease with which you can move through dimensions. Here in this moment what has amplified this experience of this particular Wesak is the e moon. The moon is always a part of Wesak because it?s always full but in particular in your physical reality this is the opportunity to really amplify your now moment. To really amplify what you seek.

So bring it all in, see it as accomplished, allow your lightbody energy to flow easily and smoothly through you. And then as if you are standing in front of the moon, receive the energy of the moon. Receive the amplitude. Receive the flow.

This is divine feminine energy and you can feel it as open to receive but you can also feel the feminine of movement. There is flow, there is awareness, there is acknowledgement.

Whether you can see the moon or not in your physical reality, the energies are always there. You may tap into the expanded or amplified energies at any time.

We are going to bypass on the hologram this time because there?s already such a strong and powerful alignment with the Earth through all that we did with the Wesak. If you so choose practice sending the essence or the energy of this experience down into you as your conscious person. You allow yourself to expand, you feel, accept, receive all that is here for you.

It moves through you in your physical reality, going down into the Earth. As it anchors it flows back up within and around you.

I now invite you to join me as we step back into the essence of the soul plane. As we step into the soul plane you may have that sense of your divinity. And you may also have a sense of a greater perception, a greater awareness of who you are.

Allow that to flow through you with ease. You are able to take more of your divinity with you as your consciousness moves back toward the Earth plane. It moves through the crystalline grid. It comes down until it?s in an alignment with the magnetic grid.

And as it comes within this space you may once again have a sense of that gravitational pull of the earth. And as your consciousness is moving through here you begin to feel yourself once more grounding. Once more feeling this energy.

I invite you to take in a deep breath or two, breathing down your divinity, breathing down your consciousness, embracing the expansion, embracing all of who you are in this now moment. Allowing that to flow within you, to anchor around you, and to be expressed as who you are.

All right beloved family so as we are bringing this evening to a close I would like to take this opportunity to once more assist you in anchoring these energies of the Wesak and remembering about living in the now moment and about letting your moment, your current moment and present consciousness to be expanded in such a way that you can live life to the fullest.

There are great opportunities within and around you and I invite you to open up, accepting, receiving and allowing yourself to truly be the ascended individual that you are.

I am ever with you and within you.


Question and Answer

As you continue to anchor, I invite you to come back within the room. You may press *6 and that will place you in the queue.

Question 1: Hello? Is it my turn? (Hello) Goddess, I would like to know what I can do, what is going on with my legs, what I can do to make them stop hurting. I can sit, I can?t stand, I can?t walk without a lot of pain. The doctor told me one thing, then turned around and told me something else, then walked out of the room. He had told me, two different doctors told me it was my blood vessels and that the blood is not returning to my heart. Now the last time I saw him, he said no it isn?t that, ?you have neuropathy? and he walked out of the room.

Answer: We see it as a combination of both things. When we look at you we have a sense of a lack of flow. By flow we mean the flow that goes down from your torso, to your feet, then back to your torso; it feels sluggish to us. So it feels as if the energy is not moving through you. If the energy is not moving through you, then the blood supply most often is not moving as well either.

If you will begin to focus on starting up in your torso, probably up in your abdomen where the blood vessels split as they go down your legs, as if you are working with the energy and send it down your legs then feel it coming back up. If you will consciously opening a flow where it goes in one direction and then returns in the other direction it?s going to strengthen the energy that supports your legs, it?s going to help to strengthen the blood flow that is moving through your physical legs.

The neuropathy is also a symptom of the lack of flow. It has to do with the nerves, it has to do with the energy, it has to do with things that are not moving and things that are getting stuck. So as you are focusing upon the flow and focusing upon the openness, then do so with the intention it clears out.

We?re going to send a bolus down through your legs whew, whew~~ we?re seeing it down through both legs that it may clear out any blockages that are there and return up. We heard you say ?blockages? Do I have a blood clot?? That is not in the least what we?re speaking of. We?re speaking of, it?s like the energy flow has been stagnant, we are trying to increase it and amplify it so that it can move more fully through you.

Caller: they said there are valves in the blood vessels that don?t work the way they should

Goddess: that is true that there are such things, but if you focus on seeing, sensing, feeling the flow of energy and with that flow of energy the blood supply, you will find that there will be an improvement.

Caller: Thank you!

Goddess: You are welcome.

Question 2: Hi, my husband just quit his job; we both decided to release an energy that wasn?t good for us. We have two little kids. My husband and I are trying to create a new life. Can you help with what we can do?

Goddess: With quitting the job are you also considering moving to a new location? (Yes we are.) Okay because that?s the first thing we see happening; you move to a new location. It feels like part of what you are seeking to have as family is closer communication and to have the time to spend with your children without all the stress. You feel like you are a little bit standing on that precipice wondering ?where are we going to go, where?s the money going to come from, what?s going to happen?? The sense we have is that?s a very temporary feeling. If you allow yourself to begin to focus on immediately receiving the greater sense of energy that you have, the greater ability to be relaxed and comfortable; then the job and everything else is going to fall into place.

Our sense is that this is the exact thing that you?ve needed to do. It?s been coming for a long time. This feels like a good time of year. When we see you moving, it feels like you have a couple of opportunities of where you can go. We sense that both of you are actually quite intuitive and both are good at listening to your intuition. So as you consider where to move, then let yourself listen to your intuition. Go with the place that feels like it?s got a lot of energy and feels good and exciting to you. it gives us a sense of a smaller community as if you can walk more places and people know each other. It feels like people are there in support of one another. Does that resonate with you?

Caller: Yes, yes it does. But also my husband wants to go into a spiritual field because he feels like he has a healing ability. But then he?s working and has a normal job and doesn?t know which way to go.

Goddess: We have a sense of him continuing to work more normal work as he?s establishing his healing ability; so we see him doing both things. It feels like going to the new location is going to also create a greater ease in terms of finances and things. It feels like he a job very easily. And it feels as if he likes the work. Then he takes more classes and begins to build up a clientele and then he shifts out of the traditional work. We see it at this point as being 18 months to two years down the road. In other words, he?s creating the foundation but taking the steps y?all are already taking is the first part of stepping into the new reality.

Caller: thank you, thank you very much.

Goddess: you?re welcome!

Question 3: Thank you for this beautiful journey today! (You?re welcome.) For the past few weeks I?ve had a difficulty in communicating and expressing myself. And physically now, I?m feeling constriction around my chest and lung area for two weeks. Yeah, but this difficulty to express myself clearing and effectively for nearly more than a month now.

Goddess: It feels when we look at you we see two people present in front of us. You have been on a very dedicated journey of opening to greater divinity, of opening to what your magical gifts are, of opening to this spiritual awakening. So it?s here, it?s arrived! We see you as if it?s a hologram that surrounds you. This looks very familiar to us; we are seeing this in more and more people. What we have a sense of is that all that work you?ve been doing is staying separated and not being fully integrated within you. So it?s expressing itself by not being able to communicate fully and having the physical symptoms in your throat and chest. It feels like it?s more so about your throat than chest, at least from our perspective. (Yes.)

So what we would say to you is that if you would take time to really ground your higher vibrational energy by hat we mean bring it down through your head center, bring it down through all your energy bodies; see, sense, feel it as it goes into your cellular structure. That will allow you in your physical reality to be more blended with your higher vibrational divinity. When you do that, you?ll be able to connect with people more fully. You?ll be more in your body so that you can express yourself more easily and some of these things that have been off kilter will come back into to balance with you.

It feels as if you are trying to talk more about what your divinity is to you and it feels as if the way you are talking to people is about things you are still a little uncomfortable with. So by integrating more fully within yourself it will allow you to have a better understanding so that you will have a greater ease so that it?s no longer difficult to talk with people. Does that make sense?

Caller: yes. But this is expressing, I?m not finding difficulty to express spiritual aspect. On the spiritual I can communicate (???). I?m finding difficulty in my professional life and in normal day to day activity.

Goddess: Okay, so this still has to do with the disconnection we see within you. The sense we had was discomfort with talking about certain things; so since you?re very comfortable with talking about your spiritual life, that?s excellent. Maybe then what we see as that disconnect or part of that discomfort is more so a part of you that is saying ?if I?m fully spiritual, then I can no longer be a part of everyday life?. Or ?if I?m fully spiritual, then I need to let go my job.? It?s as if you put expectation upon yourself of what it means to be in a spiritual life or a spiritual existence.

So as you integrate the higher vibration and as you are creating as I spoke of in this journey of living in the now moment. As you create from that, do so with intention. Whether you are at work, whether you?re with your family, whether you?re talking at the grocery store, or whether you?re talking about your spirituality. Everything comes from a place of speaking from the heart, speaking with ease and there is an ease in the flow. That?s what we see happening. First you integrate more fully and then these things get expressed more easily.

Caller: Okay, thank you.

Goddess: You?re welcome.

Question 4: Hi Goddess. (hello) well my question is about getting into the healing modality. I was hoping to start training with a particular person I?ve been waiting on for Reiki Training and it?s been put off every time I see him. I?m wondering if I should start seeking a different avenue to go through.

Goddess: Yes, yes beloved we think you should. When you are speaking of this and we can sense the individuals around you we have a sense of more than one individual. When you speaking of feeling there was delay, after delay, after delay we had a sense of you having shifted and moved in a different direction from the person you were planning to take the classes with. That?s not to say you couldn?t take the class and still get something out of it, you could. But I feels as if t here?s a better individual who?s more in alignment with you who will be a better teacher.

It feels as if; there are of course many different ways that you can learn Reiki. You don?t have to be physically present; you can do it through distance, you can do it through intention, you can do it with people physically present. But the sense we get with you is that it will be more beneficial and make it more real to you is you are physically present in a class. Is that what you were seeking to have for yourself?

Caller: Oh yes definitely! I?m also a reconnective healer and I?m just trying to expand myself further by becoming a certified Reiki Master. I just wasn?t sure why this individual kept putting me off. Sometimes I feel like they didn?t think I?m ready, but I am ready.

Goddess: Our sense is that it?s just a misalignment. When you said you have the reconnective therapy that would make sense of why we see you being more expanded or on a different vibration from that other individual. It?s not about being better or worse than another, it?s simply about a misalignment.

If you will start looking around and talk to people, the sense is that they will come to you. It will be as if you are just chatting with someone and they talk about Reiki and the next thing you know you are signing up for the class. It will happen, it feels like it?ll happen this summer. Especially because of your past experience with energy work, a lot of this will go very quickly for you.

Caller: Okay I was hoping it would come about a bit sooner, but I guess summer is right around the corner.

Goddess: Oh yes, we consider this summer! Especially where Shelly is because it?s so hot there. Indeed we see this can happen very quickly.

Caller: thank you for clearing that up for me.

Goddess: You?re welcome!

Question 5: Hello? (Hello) Hi beloved, thank you for taking my question. I wonder if you could look at my body. Lately, for the last couple of months I feel my body has been running kind of hotter than what it probably should be. I know I?m sensing a lot of the energies coming in. I usually to do my breath work more often. I need to know if there?s something I should do or what exactly this is. If it?s 70 degrees, I feel it probably as 80 degrees.

Goddess: This is a great question that you bring up because a lot of people have been feeling this. A lot of times when people are doing energy work they may feel hot in that moment of when they are in the flow of energy, then cold a few minutes later and it?s hot/ cold/ hot/ cold almost as if they expand and contract expand and contract with the heat and the cool. We see a little bit of that taking place with you. It feels as if it does have to do with the higher vibration and it does have to do with the energy.

We think a couple of things you can do is; when in particular you are feeling the heat, consciously send it through your physical body and down into the earth. So in other words it comes into your physical body ? not that it?s stuck and not moving completely, but it gets sluggish is how we?re seeing it as it moves through you ? so if you consciously send it through you and consciously send it into the earth to anchor it, it will cause everything to start flowing again in such a way that it will diffuse some of that heat.

The other thing we would say to you is drink more water. It feels like on the whole you drink a pretty good amount of water, but if you are feeling particularly hot, like you feel it several times; this is not a hot flash type of thing, this feels like your body needs to have more water or more liquid in it as you are integrating these lighter, finer vibrations. Does that resonate with you?

Caller: Ah yes, you know what I?ve found that what helps me is drinking mineral water. What do you think?

Goddess: Indeed because the minerals will also work within you on a cellular level to help to integrate in part the lightbody energy but also any energy that?s moving through your body.

Caller: Ahh, okay so I?m doing the right thing. That?s what I?ve started doing. I go up into a bath, then I get into a theta brain wave, then I just ask the all that is to bring down my body temperature, then I?ll release it, then I?ll go into mother Gaia and healing water and visualize myself going in and clearing things, then coming back up and going out. Okay, so it?s not hormonal or anything else. I knew it was just energy that was flowing through me that I needed to get a better handle on it.

Goddess: Well, there is always that potential that your hormones can be accentuated because of this other stuff happening. But I sense as you ask the question is that it?s more predominantly the energy as it?s adjusting to your body OR your body as it?s adjusting to the energy.

Caller: okay, fantastic. Is there anything else I need to do?

Goddess: Your vibration is high. Continue to focus on the energy flowing through you. you can also send it into trees, into animals, into people, you can send it into situations. You can work with it as it flows through your chakras. The more that you use the energies, especially when you feel it at a higher amplitude, it will help it to be integrated.

Caller: thank you so much! I will definitely be working on that. Thank you so much.

Goddess: Excellent, excellent. You are very welcome beloved.

Question 6: Hi! (hello) I have an ongoing issue with my left shoulder dislocating or misaligning I should say! What should I address to help rebalance that energy that transformation back to its original state?

Goddess: When we look at your left shoulder, it feels like there?s debris there. What that means to us as we it is; in looking at your shoulder it?s like there are little particles of energy or little particles of stuff that may be scar tissue. It may be just a misalignment or it may be other things. It feels like it keeps popping out of alignment because this is in a place?? to keep it from being able to fully go back in.

So we?re going to focus for a moment on your shoulder and see if we can draw off some of that energy. We invite you to take a deep breath in. as you breathe in, breathe in with your focus going into your shoulder; as it does so connect with it. Then as you breathe out, consciously let go. Whew, whew, whew ~~~

It feels like it?s a little bit more clear in there. Do you have your arm in a sling?

Caller: no, but my mom does! chuckling

Goddess: It feels as if you need to do whatever it is you need to do to allow it to go back into its place of alignment. Then maybe hold your arm in a sling so that you?re not moving it too much. That will allow it to become strengthened. It feels like the ligaments are strained and stretched like you have a rubber band that is over expanded, that?s why it?s not as tight as it should be. But we?ve cleaned out the area and we see it as being in a sling or something that helps to immobilize it to strengthen those ligaments again. Do you feel any differently since we cleaned it out a little?

Caller: it was jerking around a little bit.

Goddess: yes, that was probably us. So be aware of; if it?s painful to you or uncomfortable, you can also go in and just work on shifting and bringing out the energy that may be stuck there. But again we also just had that sense of it being immobilized for a period of time and that will also help to strengthen it.

Caller: okay. Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Goddess: you?re welcome, this will be our last question.

Question 7: Hi Shelly, this is Rhonda. (Oh hi Rhonda) we are in the room by the way. (The Awakenet I have a question. One of the things that?s been going on, now I know I?ve been getting downloads and yada yada okay. But last month I?ve been having severe balance problems. If I step up on the step stool I might fall over backwards; those kinds of things. Am I having mini strokes? Or what?s going on?

Goddess: indeed we do not see any strokes taking place. We see it also as the other individual that we spoke of the alignment who was not anchored within herself. You work in the very high dimensions for the majority of your day. You?re used to being in those dimensions and working and anchoring; so all of that is old news to you so to speak.

BUT there is a lot that?s taking place on the earth itself where the earth itself is raising its vibration. So around you in your everyday life in your everyday energy there is a change in the vibration. So you need to make an adjustment or make a change in how you are anchoring your energies. You also need to focus on anchoring the lightbody energies and the universal energies but just everything that?s coming through you. Do so with the intention of being not only in the now moment but also with the earth around you so that between all the dimensions that you consciously live between on a continuous basis.

So when you?ve been grounding, you?ve been stopping short of what you needed to do. So by allowing it to expand even further and allowing it to go into these newwwwww, what?s the word we want to use for it? The new levels of consciousness that are available to you will help you to be more settled into your every day reality?

Caller: Okay??.

Goddess: does that make sense or did we talk a little bit in circles?

Caller: It sort of made sense, but I didn?t quite catch it. So what you?re talking about is grounding into my center which is what I usually do. (ummhmm) Okay, I have to increase my awareness because my center isn?t as little as it used to be.

Goddess: yes, umm hmm but it?s not only your center. Oh I?m sorry did you want to say something more?

Caller: so basically what I have to do is expand the grounding of the energy.

Goddess: Correct, correct. You are not only expanding it through the center of you in your physical reality but you?re expanding it into the layers of the earth. Because you are thinking in your human regard, that vertical up and down from the universal being above you universal to the physical and the earthbound being below you. So not only are you anchoring it within your physical body, you are anchoring it into the levels of the earth. But then you are also anchoring it out horizontally. As if you are tapping into the higher lighter vibrations that are around you on like the plane of existence in which you are so that you?re not stepping onto the step stool in say the 6th dimension and stepping off into the 4th dimension.

Caller: OH, okay so what they?re saying is that it?s now gotten to the point. You know what a gyroscope is right? (yes, hmm hmm) I believe everyone has those crossbars within them because they are basically an energetic gyroscope. So what they?re saying is that I?ve got to consciously ground myself out on both cross bards, not just the up and down one.

Goddess: exactly!

Caller: ah ha okay! Thank you.

Goddess: and this is stuff that you used to do in an unconscious way. But with the last 6 months and the transition of the earth it?s like you?ve gone up a few more steps and so you?re making a new reality for the new place in which you?re living!

Caller: Okay, so now I?m the complete gyroscope!

Goddess: There you go! Yeah, go gyro away!! (laughter)

Caller: Yes I will! Twist and shout.

Goddess: Exactly! Exactly. We actually think it?s going to be more comfortable for you. Because you?ve been in these higher vibrations for so long and they felt a little uncomfortable and like you had to keep coming back down from them. So the sense we get is that it?s actually going to make things more comfortable for you.

Caller: Wonderful, thank you very much!

Goddess: Thank you very much!!