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The New Earth: Blending with the Crystalline Energy

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How often do we hear about the "New Earth"?  What does that mean to you?  The majority of us who have been upon this spiritual have a sense or an idea of what it means to them.  Some might call it ?heaven on earth'.  Can you imagine how glorious it would be to have all this that we hold so dear; but without the pain, fear, war, greed, etc.  During this journey the Goddess assisted us in connecting within this space, feeling what that earth feels like.  You also feel our earth on which we reside.  There are a series of dimensions, perceptions, existences or whatever you want to call it, that the space from one to the other.  Most of us fall within this span when we align with the energies of the new earth.  This journey will assist you in discerning where you align but then help you shift higher through releasing anything that may be holding you back.  As you seek to ascend and understand what it is like to live on the new earth; you are also creating changes in your current life upon this earth.  It is all related. 

Towards the end of the channel Lady Gaia came in to assist you in grounding your new energies.  But she was also there to remind you she can be of assistance in your daily life.  She can assist you in being fully present in your life.  How lovely to consider your daily life through the eyes of Gaia, filled with love, compassion and acceptance.  I hope you enjoy this journey and it opens some new doors for you.


Question & Answer Video


Nama sika; venia benya                   I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! 

Each time that we come together it is an opportunity for you to reach out through your communication, through your voice, through communication with your energy, through simply choosing to come together as a group.  And this gathering is a family; it is a family of soul.  There is a unity here that aligns each one of you on many different levels.  Within your daily life there are times in which you may feel different than the other people that are around you.  You may not always have someone that you can speak to about what is within your heart or what experiences you may be having.  No matter what your circumstances, whenever you come into this space, whenever you align with any one of these channels, you are choosing to come into this light and to be a part of this family.

You are not alone.  You are so loved by me, by your angels and guides.  You are loved by the other people who are upon this phone call or a part of this group.  I invite you to take in a breath in which you breathe that love within yourself.  We speak often about your breath, about breathing and about intention.  There is so much that can happen through your breath work.  As you consciously take one more breath in, breathing in the essence of love, let it move through your lungs into your heart.  Let it circulate throughout your entire body. Allow yourself to be in the state of love, to be in the space of love.

What is that to you?  Allow for that energy to move through you, through every muscle, every ligament, every bone, every cell within your body.  Let it move through your non-physical aspects that make up you as the human.  With that I invite you to once more take one of those breaths in, anchoring it within you.  You may breathe all the way down into your abdomen, around your solar plexus, and then as you release that breath, as you let go, release your consciousness from within your physical body.  Allow it to expand as you move into the magnetic grid.  As you arrive within this grid, feel what it is to align with your Higher Self.  You have your own space.  Look around, take in, see, sense or feel what it is. 

You have done such a great deal of work within your own self that your space within this magnetic grid is changing also.  I invite you to consider the new energy consciousness and look around.  There is a difference within this space.  There is more within this vibration, there is more that you are able to perceive.  This is here for you to utilise as you are moving through your days.  Release this energy or release this space, allowing your consciousness to move through the interlocking grid so that you move into the crystalline grid.

This is a space filled with sparkles, with energy and with light.  I invite you to perceive the ways in which it is merging with the magnetic grid.  This is an indication of just how much the earth itself is integrating the crystalline energies.  This is a space for you; you may come here at any time.  The majority of you utilise the energies from within here far more than you realise.  Open to recognise what is familiar to you. 

I now invite you to call forth a column of light.  As this light moves around you, allow your consciousness to shift in such a way that you move into the soul plane.  As you are moving into the soul plane, it is as if your consciousness expands in every direction.  There is a greater light or there is a lighter vibration as you move within this space.  As you are aligning and expanding within here, have a sense of your I AM presence.  It may come to you from within or you may perceive it as outside of you and you reach out to blend with it. 

As you align within this space, look around and feel the true essence of your divinity.  Feel the depth, feel the expansion.  I the Goddess move into the soul plane.  Look around and see me as I am within this space.  I flow to you the essence of love.  Open to receive this flow so that you may know that there is an infinite supply available to you. 

I reach out to embrace and as I align with you and blend my energies with you, you may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.  The All That Is has been created by all of you.  It is a plane of existence; every soul essence has access to this space.  It is where you come to create.  With the influx of the new energy consciousness, this space has also shifted.  It has expanded into a new dimension you could say.  It is filled with that lighter, finer consciousness.  There is more of a crystalline foundation to what is available for you within here. 

The energies that you have been experiencing throughout the summer and throughout the last couple of weeks especially has allowed you to experience this greater influx of what is going to be throughout the earth.  Many of you have heard the term the ?New Earth'.  There are many different perceptions of what that will be.  There is an earth or a world that is completely separate from your physical earth.  It has all the attributes, it has the gravitational pull.  It has much of the history within it, but the vibration begins at such a level that each one of you would feel it as if it was a completely different planet.

You could say that in between the New Earth and your current physical earth, there are a multitude of dimensions or planes of existence that allow you to experience the attributes of the New Earth.  There is an alignment between the two.  The time is not yet right for them to blend or become one. 

You have been the creators of this space along with all the other angels and energies of light from out within the universe.  But you especially have been working in a space closer to the earth plane that allows for you to have the experience of what it will be like to live in that space.  There will still be a gravitational pull but it will be without the energies of war, of greed, of violence.

I invite you to look outward from you.  Conceptualise if you may that the earth on which you live is positioned on one side.  The New Earth that you are moving into is opposite that.  As you perceive everything in between, look with your inner eyes or send out your senses to feel all the various levels or shifts in perception.  As you do this you may have a sense that certain aspects become more illuminated than others.  I invite you to reach out as if from your heart so that you may align with that vibration or that essence that is most in vibrational alignment to you.  As you merge with this energy, let yourself feel suspended.  As you look towards the earth it is so very familiar to you.  As you look in the other direction, the New Earth also is familiar to you.

The reason I wanted to introduce you to these various aspects or various levels of discernment are so that you may create a space for yourself within here that allows you to work more so with the influx of the crystalline vibration.  As you find yourself within this space, take a deep breath in that allows you to become centered once more within your consciousness.  Look within and perceive your life as it is right now upon the earth.  There may be something that jumps out at you or comes to your awareness almost immediately.  Is this something with which you rejoice?  Is it something that you would like to transition?  This is your opportunity to go into those energies.

Let us first of all align with anything that keeps you from shifting to a better space of bliss or peace within you.  Is this something within your emotional body?  Perhaps at one point in your life it was a value to you; perhaps it was created as a means of protection.  For whatever reason, this emotion is no longer working for you.  From this perspective, acknowledge that emotion and then let it go.  I send a swirling energy through all of these spaces to assist you in completely releasing whatever it may be.

What about your thoughts?  What about your beliefs?  Do you have any resistance within them?  As you align with whatever this may be, acknowledge that it was something you created for a reason, but that reason no longer works for you.  Let that breeze move through cleaning out everything within your mental body. 

Some of you hold onto illness or disease, perhaps unhappiness, anger, frustration, within your physical body.  You may have physical symptoms; some of those are new, some you've had for a long time.  Acknowledge whatever it was so that you may then release that physical symptom, so that you may let it go.  It flows away from you, clearing out your organs, your muscles, your joints, your bones.  And with this I once more send that breeze moving through.

Your personality or your ego is what makes you human.  It is aligned with everything - mental, emotional and physical - and it is separate.  As you continue to move along your journey, it is essential for you to find a balance between your ego or your personality and your divinity.  Create a bridge.  This bridge links your personality with your divinity.  Perceive this bridge as it moves through and aligns within every level of your being. 

If there is any resistance within your personality, bring it up so it may be released.  Again, let that breeze move through this area so that it aligns all aspects of your ego or your personality; your human attributes.  They can see you for who you are in this moment.  Feel that awareness go deep, deep, deep within you.  Allow your reality within your life to be centered within and around this knowing. 

If anything comes up within your days and you question what may be going on, remember this moment.  Remind yourself, your ego, your personality, that indeed you have the potential to manifest everything you seek to do, anything you may want to do, or to experience a deeper blending of your divinity.  It is done in this moment.

Shift your perceptions in such a way that your consciousness opens and you breathe in the new energy consciousness.  You find yourself moving within this space into a new dimension or a new level of awareness that is now aligned with where you are in this moment.  Consider your life and consider what's going right within your life.  There is something within everyone's.  If nothing comes to your awareness, then breathe deeper, expanding in such a way that you open your consciousness to a deeper space of love and with compassion, with love, with awareness, look at your life.  Now, you can see what is right about your life.  Breathe that in, accept it within you. 

What is love to you?  What is complete acceptance of who you are in this life?  What does it feel like to accept your life, those parts that you enjoy those parts that you may not, but still accept your life as it is in this moment?  As you allow your focus to be upon love, upon acceptance, upon awareness, your perceptions begin to shift.  You release judgement, you release criticism.  You also release disappointment or any of the other emotions that may have held you back.  Take this moment and as if your arms are outstretched wide, as if your consciousness is wide open, feel yourself in the perfect balance of love and acceptance. 

As you allow for that to come into your awareness, as you accept that within yourself, again you find yourself shifting into a higher aspect towards the New Earth.  The New Earth has been created; it has the memories of this earth.  It is therefore being used by many of the new soul essences that are choosing to come into the earth plane at this time.  It is also a place where you go in your dream state, and you are the teachers to these essences that are choosing to come to the earth.  It is a place that you go so that you may experience the ease and shifting through and living within a more crystalline vibration.

Thought process becomes reality almost instantaneously.  Your intention creates a reality.  You wish to move from point A to point B and it is done.  So many of you are seeking to create this as your reality upon the physical earth on which you live.  Yes!  It can be done; with the ease of the New Earth? Not as yet.  This is one of the things that you have been working with.  You are seeking to find this within your life. 

You are seeking to find that ease in manifestation, that ease in communication, and whenever you ask for that, whenever you intend to manifest it, it can be done through breathing, through alignment with the crystalline vibration, and it can be done with much greater ease when you are in that space of complete love, acceptance and compassion for yourself. 

Let this reality move through you, feel it and know it for your truth.  I invite you to come back as a group within the All That Is.  There is a blend within the various levels of awareness and that's what makes up this space of the All That Is. As you come back together as a group, perceive the other energies of light who are here.  There are you, the group who began this journey. There are all the others who joined at a later date, there are the angels and the guides, there are the energies of the universe that you may call the ETs.  This is a space of balance and alignment; it is a space of co-creation.  You need not do anything completely by yourself; you are supported by everyone else who is here.

Look around.  Feel that awareness.  From within the center of this group, the hologram of the earth emerges.  You may have a perception as you look at it of the increasing amount of crystalline energies.  The hologram is changing just as the earth itself is changing.  You may perceive Gaia as she emerges from within the earth.  She chooses to speak some words to you at this time, so I shift the vibration over so as to allow her to speak with you. 

Lady Gaia speaks:

Greetings!  I appreciate this opportunity to be able to speak with you because you are the ones who are pivotal in what is happening upon the earth.  Every time we come together within this group there is a focus of integration.  Not only this group, but the many, many others who also work with these energies are focusing upon bringing in the new energy.  I, as Lady Gaia, incorporate and emanate the pure earth energies.  I judge not anything that occurs upon the earth, I simply maintain a space that allows for anything that is to happen to happen. 


As a result of the thousands of years in which I have been doing this job, if you want to call it that, I am earth's energies.  Some of you as you are incorporating the new energy are finding it difficult to be grounded and balanced in your daily life.  This is why I chose to come forth at this time and speak with you.  You forget that I am available to you.  Anytime that you are seeking to incorporate, no matter what it may be, you are welcome to invite me in and I will do all that I can to assist you. 


I am reaching out to each one of you as we speak.  As I look at you I see your divinity, I see your glorious essence of who you are.  I also see your earthbound essence, that which you call personality or ego, that which you call your human self.  This is where so many of you fall into that space of self-criticism, judgement and you begin to feel or act in a way that is less than loving toward yourself.  It hurts me to see that because no matter who you are, I see that purity which is your human self. 

I remember when you were first born; I remember what you have been within this life.  The difference is I remember it with complete lack of judgement.  I can share that with you if you so choose.  Thank you - I feel you as you reach out and embrace my perception.  See yourself as I see you.  This is who you are.  Let your personality transform in such a way that you let go that judgement.  Ahhhh, how good that is!  Don't forget about me in your daily life.  There are also the angels, the gnomes, there are the devas; all of those earthbound energies to assist you in your daily life.  We are here for you.  And remember, I see you and I love you unconditionally. 


The Goddess of Creation returns.

I thank you my beloved sister for sharing those words, for sharing that love and that embrace with everybody.  You have now received it from I the Goddess, with the vibrations of the universe.  You have now received it from Gaia, and the vibrations of the earth.  Feel the love, feel the balance, feel the connection within and breathe that into yourself, breathe it into your reality. 

With that Gaia returns inside of the earth, or that hologram.  The hologram itself moves down, it moves through the crystalline and the magnetic grids.  There are aspects of the hologram that align and move out around or through these grid works, with the core essence moving into the center of the earth and then emanating outwards.  As it emanates outwards we see Gaia as she projects that energy, it moves through, it goes back through you the group, it moves outward aligning with the New Earth.  You are not in any one space, you move through a multitude of spaces with ease.  Feel that within you.

Allow your perception to shift so that you may once more return to the soul plane.  Within the soul plane you may have a sense of your divinity.  It does expand so as to accommodate your consciousness, plus all of who you are.  You may shift so that you once more move through the crystalline grid.  You align for a moment in the magnetic grid so that your Higher Self is able to expand and balance within these new energies, or this new perception of yourself.  Allow your consciousness to continue to ground, bring it back within your physical body.  As you bring it back inside you may need to expand the energy field around you, let yourself feel comfortable with where this is. 

Consciously open to your personality or your ego.  Some of you may feel resistance, may feel as if you are constricting.  Simply accept that this is what you feel in this moment.  Now expand into your divinity, feel your divinity, and just as you did in the All That Is allow a flow to move back and forth between your ego and your divinity.  Most often there is a difference between one and the other.  Let that difference be minimised.  Feel what this is to you.  And as you do so you find that your personality or your ego is able to fill out or align more fully with your divinity.

As you create this balance within you, invite Lady Gaia to come into this moment, into where you are.  Feel her grounding essence and once more remember the unconditional love, the unconditional acceptance that she emanates.  Accept this as who you are.  Accept the love, let it anchor within you.  Let the love move throughout everything that is you and everything that you do. 

With that, we release the energies of this journey.  Some of you may find you continue to float, moving between the various aspects of life.  But as you are ready to do so, you may come back within this room by pressing *7 upon your telephone and I am open to receive. 

Question and Answer

Question:  I have a question about one of my clients, Ken.  I've had to let him go and I'm wondering if I could have done anything better, if there was something I was missing. 

Answer: Let us say to you first of all we are already familiar with this client you speak of, we are familiar with you and we are familiar with the various stages and steps you have moved with this individual.  As we are looking at him now, as we are looking at the most recent experiences, the perception that comes across is that he is in what you might call overload.  He had some dramatic improvements.  He made great changes within his life.  But then his personality or ego that we so spoke of throughout this journey; it was as if it got as far as it could handle things and then shut down.  So the perception we have is that it looks he is digressing but in truth what s happening is that he is moving into a period to allow for his adjustments or is going to allow for all the progress he has made to become more fully incorporated within him. 

We feel a sense around you of judging yourself or wishing you had done something differently.  We truly want to say to you is that what we see not only with this client but with your other clients: each time that you go into that space with the intention of giving all you are able to with the best interest of that individual.  When you enter a client, practitioner relationship with that intention that is all you need to do.  What may seem like more progress with one individual and less progress with another individual is actually perfection in both cases.  It is up to the individuals you work with through their free will, through their conscious and unconscious thoughts as to what become incorporated and how far they will go.  We see with him there is one potential in front of him that this is it.  He's done as much as he will do and will move in another direction.  We also see a potential this is the most likely potential- that he is going through this phase where the he is moving backwards or he's not moving in any direction at all.  We sense like cloyingness, like a demanding, or as if he is looking for you to do things for him, rather than him doing them for himself.  (right, right) As that is going on, its' his lack of accepting responsibility that is keeping him in the space that we perceive as being held back.  So all that you can do is disconnect from him.  You can reassure him of his potential to cure himself.  This is his path.  This is his journey.  We know that you care, we know that you have deep compassion within your heart for him and his journey.    When you begin to have an expectation of his outcome, when you become emotionally connected; that is when the lines become blurred.  We don't to say it is less effective because it is effective, but that is when he can draw on your energies it will keep it less his responsibility and more your responsibility.  Does that make sense to you?

Absolutely and I have pulled back fully.

You have pulled back fully as you say to us, but emotionally there is a part of you who has not because you judge yourself as having done something wrong or feel as if you could have done something different.  That's the aspect of you we would like to fill with compassion or feel the unconditional love towards.  You will find he will no longer come to your awareness or your thoughts.  The sense is that you may have come full circle with this individual.  As he continues down his path there may be someone else who will work with him.  We do see a potential he several months down the road that he may come back from a different perspective with you.  But for now, we see you going in two different directions.

Thank you very much!  Can you tell me anything about my workshop?

Are we talking about something you have already had or something coming up? 

I've had it once and thinking about having it again. 

We sense you know already what needs to be added.  We see that what you did in your workshop was a good foundation but we see you tweaking it.  We see you adding some things, taking or diminishing other aspects; it's too much to go into at this time.  We do see you offering this workshop again and that in the future it will geared towards the group of people you are working with.  Each time you offer this workshop, and we see you offering it a number of times, it will be whatever it needs to be for that group of people.  You have created a solid foundation; just consider the energies of the people signing up for the next class and you will know what you need to do.   (Thank you!)

Question: (paraphrased) I am doing a lot of work on myself and as I get stronger and stronger, as I'm grounded in myself,  as I love myself more; the outer world gets worse.  What is going on?  My intuition is telling me the challenging time is almost over but it doesn't seem to be ending.  What is the broader perspective of what is happening?

Answer:  The things we want to bring to your awareness at this time is something that will benefit not only you but others too.  You have been very dedicated in your journey of self awareness.  You have been very dedicated in your expansion as you said you as open to love and accept yourself.  We see that deep deep bond within you.  we see as we look over the last number of years that this has very deeply transitioned your life.  Because you have been looking inward for so many of these things it's as if you have disconnected from many aspects of your life, but that aspect has not disconnected from you!  What we mean by that is energetically you may disconnect from things-but your family is still around you.  You may disconnect from your job-but you still go into your job.  We see that you are still going through some of these things that are a part of your daily life and that is the part out balance and you feel is out balance and creating struggle.  If you will move forward from here and we feel this journey tonight was very good for you to create a sound understanding between your personality and your divinity.  Then you can blend more fully your human aspect of yourself with all this divinity you have been bringing in.  You will then send this outward into your life and you create a new relationship with the people around you, in your family, your work; even send it throughout your home, your town, your state like concentric circles getting bigger and bigger.  As you do this you are creating an alignment with the world around you that is in balance with who you are right now.  It allows for less trauma and less problems to be a part of your daily life.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes, like for example I need to ground.  I need to remember that I am an earth person too with all this meditation. 

That's exactly right!  The human consciousness or humanity, we're talking about humanity as a whole went through a phase in which they began to open up; we're talking the mid to late ?90's.  This is when they began to say ?embrace your divinity',   ?You are more than who you are', ?You are a divine essence having an earthbound life or a human reality', something like that.  With the pendulum swinging as it does for humanity it went into spirit is wonderful ego is bad-creating a duality.  What we are coming into now and have been moving towards for the past 4-5 years is that ?no your personality or ego is wonderful, how would you be human without it'? It's about allowing the human aspect to become aligned with your divinity.  This is one way of grounding your divinity.  You find the relationship between the two of them so there is not the discord within you.  Some of what you were talking about in the out world was a reflection of that discord within you that was the lack of balance between your personality and your divinity.  When you speak of grounding, what you are doing is blending those two aspects of yourself more fully.  Then as you ground that within your reality, it does make you feel better.  It does make you feel in the space of love; then that is your perception of the outer world.  Does that make sense? (yes)  this is something that we recognize may seem big or hard issues to get past, but you have done the hard work.  What you are coming up on and doing is taking these tools that you have integrated and worked with so that you may balance them so that they work for you in your daily life.  We feel Gaia coming here and speaking with you.  She is saying remember her and remember the connection you felt with her during the journey tonight.  (yes, thank you!) You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I really enjoy the journeys, especially when Lady Gaia is around.  I guess I'm asking for some validation that I am actually going somewhere; going through the magnetic grid, the crystalline, into the soul plane.  Is it affecting my day to day life or am I just laying here having a good rest? 

Answer:  (Chuckling) We see you as being a very active participant with what is going on.  As we are looking at you, where you are right now and where you have been over the last couple years---hold on.  We just downloaded something to you that shorted Shelly out.  Give her a chance to breathe.  The affirmation you are seeking to have is that absolutely you are part of this journey and a very active member!  Where we sense this is coming from is the personality aspect of yourself which is the one very dogmatic and reality focused.    We sense in your daily life you are what is called a ?left brained' individual, even though you have very wonderful abilities through your right brain.  That is the analytical part that is questioning this or doesn't fully accept that this is a reality.  The way to create a blend or allow this to become a reality to you; this journey was very good because what I tried to do was during this journey was to assist in bringing your personality along with you.  That is why I consciously aligned with it at various times.  As you move into the magnetic grid, work with yourself, go out, breathe, feel the expansion of that, realign or re-link with your personality or ego aspect and say ?YES I am here in the magnetic grid, I perceive what is around me.' Feel the vibration and feel yourself becoming lighter.  You feel your heart expanding. You feel the shift within you that may be very subtle.  From there you take it the next step and next step and next.  Each time you move out, you consciously reconnect with your ego or human self and affirm this is where I am, this is what it feels like.  This is how the human self becomes more accepting and allowing of what is going on.  This is but one way you can do this.  Another way is to begin to find a deeper trust within your creative aspect of yourself.  Finding a trust or belief in your right brain or what comes through your imagination; as you trust you did go on the journey, you did have the experiences and then your ego begins to believe it also.  You are trusting and communicating with your ego. 

These are two different ways you can work with this but it is about your human self being able to accept the reality that you are hugely immense and you move with ease throughout these realities.  Does that make sense to you?

It does!  Is the journey helping me in may day to day life?

We sense you forget about it a lot in your day to day life.  It therefore gets pushed to the back of your mind and has less of an affect upon your life; it is still having some affect.  It could have more of an affect if you stop and breathe part way through the day.  You can consciously bring in the energies.  Even if you don't feel any differently at all, in that moment if you take in a couple breathes and invite in those energies then it will happen.  It is going to happen and it will come into you.   (thank you!)

Question: (paraphrased)  How do we know when we're in the new earth?  I don't know how else to ask the question.... Do you know what I mean?

Answer: Yes we do because we are reading your energies.  You know that you are in the new earth because it feels like bliss.  You know that you are in the new earth because there is that unlimited potential for transformation in an instant.  You know that you are there because you may look around you and see trees, see water, feel gravity, see everything like a mirror image of your daily life here; but without anything that you would call negative.  There is never a sense of judgment.  When an individual or soul essence gets to that complete acceptance and awareness of themselves; when you let go of that judgment or harshness that is so much a part of humanity-- that is when you are of a similar vibration to be in alignment with the new earth.  Therefore if you think my intention is to expand into the new earth, you are there, you are working with it, feeling the energies.  Yet you may still feel an awareness of the war that might be going on or frustration or anger you felt earlier in the day; if you still feel those emotions around you then you have arrived in one of the in between spaces.  I want you to recognize that's okay, it's a good place to be!  It's that awareness and intention of being able to shift into these higher dimensions or expansions that allow you to create the growth you are seeking to have for yourself.  Does that make sense to you? 

It makes perfect sense, thank you.

Excellent!  So just as in this journey tonight, when I asked each one of you to look at where you are in that interim, that space between the earth and the new earth; I could see all of you going into a myriad of different spaces.  That allowed you to go what resonated with you in that moment.  Then as you let go the energies or emotions that held you back, I could see you shifting as I did everybody, shifting into energies closer to the new earth.  So as you accept, love and honor anything that is going on in your life, at any given moment that is how you transition into that space.   (Thank you)

Question: (paraphrased) It's Deborah and I'm feeling extremely frustrated right now.  It's in between feeling tired of walking with one foot in 3D and one in 5.  It's just on a daily basis and no matter how I try to stay calm and centered about it, it just seems to get worse and worse. 

Answer: we sense a deep disconnect within you.  We sense there are aspects of you that are very grounded in the 3rd dimension and those are the aspects of you that are trying to ?make things work' and perhaps you should consider leaving them behind.  That frustration is what keeps you in the space of being unable to fully expand into the divinity you are seeking to have in your life.  Then when you go into meditation and you breathe and you go through your movements or whatever you do then we see you moving into the space of the 5th dimension, feeling the love, feeling the acceptance, feeling that awareness.  But it doesn't feel like that same part of you that you were in when you were in that place of frustration.  So what we sense would be beneficial to you is to create a bridge; that bridge that goes from the 5th dimension into the 3rd or 4th dimension.  With the journey tonight we worked with that quite often, how to create a bridge between your divinity and your personality.  How to create a link that binds you within these various aspects of who you are.  Through that bridge, through that alignment, you can feel as if there is a connection that takes place on many many different levels.  As you are able to do this - well, I'm calling it as you are able to bring the 5th dimension down into the lowers but it's not that you actually do that-but you bring the energies of love and acceptance from the 5th dimension down into your life.  As you bring it down into and fully blend or merge within your personality, you will find you are grounded, you will find you are whole.  You will find that no matter what is going on in your life; you may feel frustrated, you may feel things are not going in the way you want them to go, but, you can feel the connection within yourself.  Lady Gaia is here and working with you more than you realize.  If you will talk with her in your meditation, she will assist you in creating a deeper connection within yourself.

Wonderful, thank you.  So it's alright to let go of the 3D.  It's completely alright!  I've wanted to do that but it's scary. 

Well, it's that fear of the unknown but if you stop and think for a minute, you already know what those expanded areas are.  You are not stepping blindly into something.  Although any time someone steps into a higher vibration it's always better.  That's a given, that's the law of physics, it is that it is.  In your case you've already been there!  You've been living there part of the time.  As you let go these old energies as you let go what no longer works for you, you will find yourself in a much greater space of bliss, of love and of awareness.

Thank you so much and thanks to Lady Gaia.  You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Someone told me the other day that my second chakra is all static as if you turn on a TV and there's no channel.  What do you see and is it so?

Answer:  we see the static that that individual was talking about.  We see it not only in your second chakra, but also in the first and third to a degree.  Your heart center to us looks wide open and as if it's a pure conduit for energy.  So within the second chakra, the static we are seeing looks like it was old sexual energy; like you are holding onto past experiences of abuse.  This is something you have worked with to let go and you have let go of a great deal.  What we are looking at is the residual and that is why it looks like static rather than a blockage within there.  If you go within this center, within this second chakra and consciously clear out what no longer is benefitting you you've learned whatever it is you need to learn from them.  You will then find you can move more fully into a clear spinning essence of that and it will also affect the two energy centers around it that are trying to accommodate for it.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes, so that's all I need to do to clear it out.  But how do I get rid of the memories when someone is blaming you with things from 40 years ago, it's hard to be able to clear it.

 It's the choices you make when you allow yourself.... It's not really about what you allow yourself, that's not what I want to say.  When you are in a space, like you said, you are continually being inundated with this so you are not allowed to forget it to release it.  When you are in a situation like that, it's very difficult to fully release it.  The more you work with consciously clearing that space and clearing those energies and letting go; you can work with your breath in your cellular memory.  You can work with intention.  You work with linking to this energy center and seeing it as becoming clear.  Any thoughts or ideas that come to you-let them come through you and become cleared.  All of those things are the way in which you release this. It may be that it is never complete released because this individual continues to perpetrate it.  But when you get the space where you no longer can be drawn into their trauma and drama you will find you have let it all go.

Great! I look forward to that day and working towards it.  Can Gaia be able to help me with this?  

Absolutely! She is already here and has been working with you in the past through your request and your intention. 

Oh thank you so much!  Everything you said is perfectly true, absolutely right. 

You are welcome.  Again, love yourself and accept yourself, no matter what is going on or where you are.  Release this harsh judgement that you have had about yourself almost this whole lifetime.  It's an old pattern, it's an old energy.  So consciously let it go through your mental body, your emotions, your human self; through every aspect of who you are.  Allow the love, compassion and self awareness to BE who you are.

Okay, that will take a little work! 

Okay, but the first step is allow that to become your reality, allow the intention to become your reality. 

All right, beloved family, once more we need to bring this time to a close.  I send out my love to each one of you, I honor you, whatever your process has been in this lifetime.  I send love, I send compassion.  Allow yourself to shift into a space that you can accept that as your reality.

You are human, you are divine.  Allow this to blend together as one. 

I am ever with you and within.