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The holiday season 2010

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - 10:26

The day after, black Friday as it?s called because of the big shopping, my sisters and our daughters go shopping. Hmmm, we started at Target at 4 am or was it 4:30! From there we went various places. It seems we are starting earlier and earlier. There have been times in the past when I start at 5:30 or 6 and got home at 8pm. This year, I was done at noon. What was unique also was 2 of the girls were pregnant and they just kept on plugging away!

On Saturday we all go to North Carolina and cut down Christmas trees! We?ve been doing this now for about 5 years and we never know what the weather is like. This year it was really cold! Some years we?re walking around without coats on. We have noticed how over the years we are moving around the hills. One year it?s the back side, then the left, etc. The trees are gorgeous and last well through the season.

Then in December we have 7 now 8 birthdays!! Some of these we clump together, others are just for the person. It?s yet another dimension to the season! This year was truly glorious as my first grandson was born!! Yeah, yeah He is a glorious little boy. My daughter was the picture perfect pregnant woman. She felt good, she looked and labor and delivery went well. Luke was 21? long, 8 lbs 12 oz! What a delight he is. We all just want to love him up!

I have a party at my house every Christmas Eve for my family. I think I?ve been doing this for about 15 years or more. It?s the time when the girls, my sisters and I all dress up. We have a picture marathon in front of the Christmas tree. We play Pictionary ? this is fun because I have an easel that I use with my classes, so the drawing is easy to see. I so appreciate my family and that we have each other.

Christmas Day is at my folk?s house. We all get there sometime after 12 or 12:30. This year for some reason, it was even later than usual. I think as our kids are growing up, they want first thing Christmas at their houses. Then they hit the parents? house, sometimes 2 different houses, and then we end up at the grandparents. It?s hectic all right but I wouldn?t change a thing! I am truly blessed to have a great family where we all get along and enjoy each other?s company.

By New Year?s Eve and Day, we?re done with family time!! It seems we all go our separate ways for the next month or so.

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