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Meet my grandson Luke!

Sunday, April 3, 2011 - 11:34

August 10th Update on Luke:

I was just looking through the pictures I have here and realized just how fast and how much Luke keeps changing!! He's just so precious~~ He's now doing the type of crawling, skooting where he pulls himself around on his arms! Plus he'll just roll and roll if he wants to get somewhere~ I think he's beginning to recognize me now when I see him. (I hope that's not just wishful thinging!! lol) He's really developing a personality. It's wonderful to be able to spend time with hiim.

So here's his picture from 7 months!

Hello All!


This is Luke at 6 months! He?s just such a happy baby! He looks like this each time I see him. He?s rolling over. He has 2 almost 4 teeth. Now that he can sit up like this, it?s really cute to see how reaches for so many things. In fact, he wants everything! He?s so precious. I?m thrilled he?s in our lives.

I know that many of you have heard me speak recently about my new grandson. He is just so precious and I?m completely thrilled that he is here with us. My daughter Kelly and her husband Jeremy are the parents. I?m very blessed in that they live nearby and we see each other fairly often. I?m always up to babysit!! I just thought I?d share a couple pictures since I know many of you have hearing about him and several had asked.

One thing I find very cool is that he has a strawberry birthmark that I think is going to fade over time. But right now it looks like a triangle over his 3rd eye!! As I was just typing the 3, I found that I clicked 4 instead about three or so times?? I thought hmmm, what?s up with that and I heard it?s his 4th eye. WOW! I am getting a message that many of the new children being born actually have what might be considered a 4th eye because it?s allows them greater ease in seeing interdimensionally but also back into the universe. Perhaps it?s another way in the veil is more thin for them?? We shall see how this all plays out. Right now he?s a happy baby boy that smiles all the time and with ease!!

Here?s Luke ? he was born December 14, 2010

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