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Manifesting with stress --- not needed!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 21:14

Have you ever questioned yourself about how you manifest? I know I do?. I?m going to share with you my recent experience that made me laugh.

I have a computer I bought a few months ago; this is what I?m using for Goddess Light. I?d had a laptop for about 4-5 years and decided I was ready to get a new one. For me, this entailed keeping my eyes open, looking on the net, asking people what they think. After about 6 months or more I ready. I went in, talked to the people at Best Buy and bought a great computer. When I was really ready, it was there and it was easy.

So, now when I buy electronics I always buy the extended warranty. This time I thought I was also buying the warranty for accidental problems. So one day I was getting up after a channel and my foot got caught in the cord pulling it off the ottoman. This jammed the USB port over the CD player. While I was mad at myself I thought, good thing I got the accidental insurance.

Turns out, I didn?t!! Urgggg But I?m not there yet. I didn?t immediately fix it because I had to clear about 10 days to two weeks. Finally I decided to take it in.

I go in, prepared to drop it off and that?s when they tell me I don?t have the insurance. I said you?re kidding I know I bought it. They said no?. So I called the specific store where I bought it thinking they will honor it. They said sure. This was an hour out of my way to get there, but I head over. After arguing another half hour, I realized it?s not going to happen, I?m stuck.

The guy says I?ll try to phrase it so they?ll do the repair it for free. I said sure. At that moment, even with all my all my frustration, I had a surge of energy and belief ?it?s going to be fixed for free?. YEAH!!

Turns out they didn?t fix it for free. They told me it would cost $275!! Yikes. So I?m frustrated and thinking what the heck? Can?t I manifest? What?s up with that? I have a computer repair place I?ve used for my desktop and other repairs that I really like. They gave me an idea of how I could make it work, even if I didn?t use this particular USB port. So I take it in, they said probably $100 to replace this one part. I thought, well that?s better than $275. So I said sure.

I get a call 45 minutes later and they said it?s fixed, I can use the CD player but I don?t have the USB port. I said fine, how much will it be? He said????.nothing! It?s free.

I know this is long and drawn out but don?t you find yourself going through this whole process??? In the end what I wanted to manifest occurred, exactly as I wanted it to. But because I expected it in a specific way, I put myself through extra stress and questioning when my instinct had said ?I?ll have this fixed for free?.

For each of you and for myself here?s a reminder to let go the specifics. Let go of ?how? things are going to happen. Always seek to manifest whatever you?d like, but LET IT GO!!!!! Focus on release and allow~~~

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