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Manifesting a Million Dollars

Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 00:41

I?ve created this short blog to talk about manifesting a million dollars. As I was reading through this channel, I took out these important steps that the Goddess gave us to assist in our manifesting.

Steps to Manifesting a Million Dollars:

Step 1: Having a dream or creation. For anything that you want to have in your life, it begins with a dream. You may not always stop and consider it a dream, but that?s what it is. So honor yourself as being a dreamer and a creator.

Step 2: Preparing for it. You need to create a space for you dream. Sometimes this is only a space within your energy field, sometimes it?s a space in your physical reality. By preparing a space you are telling yourself and the universe ?I?m ready, bring it on!?

Step 3: Creating a stream of consciousness for acceptance. This can be kind of tricky! There are many times we think we are open to receive or that we are in a place of allowing, but we?re not. We may be open to accept or allow in our thoughts, but something in our emotions are still in resistance. Sometimes it?s the emotions that are open, but old beliefs get in the way. Still other times it may something of which you are unconscious.

Step 4: Allowing it into our lives. This comes in many different ways. You may see abundance in family, nature, bills; whatever it may be. So recognizing abundance of any sort will set up the energy to allow a million dollars or any amount of money into your life. You may ask yourself as you go through your day just how much you do allow in?

As the Goddess was working with us on this, she put out there that each of us would manifest a million dollars. When you think of the large number of people and that amount, instantly many went into lack. So, the first step was the dream or creation that all would a million dollars.

Once you accept that dream, she then suggested you sit with that in your energy. Does it feel like you can truly manifest that amount? I hear many say no. So, if not then stretch your energy. Begin to consider what it would truly be like to have it. Continue to gently nudge your energy until you feel as comfortable with 1 million as you are with 1 dollar. You can also consider how you might use it as another means of preparing for it.

Then in the acceptance process, the Goddess took everyone through all the energy bodies as means of clearing out and opening to greater alignment. Acceptance can be very specific, meaning I accept the 1 million dollars in my account. But I think acceptance can go way, way deeper when you allow it flow through you without a specific intention.

Once you have done the work of accepting the final step is allowing it into your life. The Goddess so often speaks of how people do so much work and yet stop just short. When you open to allowing within your life it comes in many different ways; allowing someone else to make a decision, allowing another car to go ahead of you in traffic, allowing a friend to comfort you, allowing someone to give you assistance or many other potentials.

Lastly I?d like to also say it?s essential to be kind and gentle with yourself. If it doesn?t work, you may think you?re doing something wrong. If it?s not enough, you are judging what you have done. It may begin with manifesting $5 and through your acceptance and alignment with that it?s a short jump to greater amounts. But above all, I invite you to be open, loving and compassionate with yourself! You are a wonderful immense creation!

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