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Life According to Dogs

Saturday, November 6, 2010 - 00:00

I have had so many different thoughts running through my mind lately! I so completely love this time of the year. I have been especially busy both with the expansion of Goddess Light and stuff happening in my family. Have you ever had a time where it feels like your heart is just getting bigger and bigger? Like it?s going to just pop! I know it won?t, one can never have too much opening. It?s like love; one can never have too much love.

I have a dog that I rescued last January from a local animal shelter. She is a beautiful dog and really full of energy. Now, I didn?t want a super hyper dog, so when I saw her I thought ahhhh, wonderful, just what I?m looking for! But, turns out she?s a Houdini! She loves to climb fences and run, run, run. She?s also very social, so I?ve started going to a local dog park. This is not far from my house and there are so many interesting dynamics that take place. I never knew?.

One day we were there and I was watching the dogs, the people and the dynamics. I started hearing this blog in my head ?Life According to Dogs?. When I?d watch the dogs I?d realize they have their own dynamic and how this can pertain to people.

Mostly they just want to have fun and be loved! Don?t we all? Don?t we want to be happy, run and play and sometimes just be ?petted?? There?s so much that can be conveyed through touch. I think touch can be soooo very healing. Not only if you are sick or lonely, but just in passing. What?s cool about the dogs is that they aren?t afraid to ask. They come up to you, stick their nose in your hand and look at you. You know, they want to be touched, their ears or belly rubbed. Don?t you wish we could do that with people too?

I?d watch how some dogs will herd the others. You know the people, the ones who are always organized and they have a plan! What?s cool about the dogs is that if the others don?t go along with their plan to herd, like they just want to play not run; then they play also. Of course there are those that will still try to get them to do what they want, but a simple snap from the other dog and they back off. It?s like most of them realize when to back off. Do we as people always know when to back off?

Some like to bark a lot, like they?re saying ?I?m here! Don?t forget me!? We all know these people, the one who maybe are complaining a lot or talking a lot at the party. These are the ones who often times like to be the center of attention. Sometimes the dogs will only bark when another starts or when new dogs arrive. These are just the more vocal of the group and as people; we will chime in also if it?s important to us! Although, there are lots of people who just like to talk. They are thinking out loud perhaps or just sharing thoughts and ideas.

Then there are the ones that just have a more aggressive streak. You know the dog who won?t take no for an answer, who goes for the throat, who likes to get to the other dogs. Do you know any people like that? Of course you do! They are all over the place. One thing I?ve noticed is that so often this type of behavior is a front for feeling vulnerable and afraid. Is that true in the dogs? Do they just need more unconditional love? As with aggressive people, sometimes we just have to walk away, decide we?ve been at the park long enough or move to another area.

An interesting thing happened the other day in this regard. There was a new dog at the park. His ribs were actually showing so he looked underfed. He actually was being aggressive to my dog. Everyone there converged to rein in the bigger one; which is when his owner said he?d just rescued him and was working with his temperament. That also explained why he looked so skinny. So as a group, people were more loving toward the dog, showing him acceptance rather than ostracizing him. There was one person who had a spray bottle of water, which is completely fine. What happened was the dog calmed down and got along better. So we ended up staying another 15 minutes or so which I felt helped to move past just leaving because that dog had problems.

Does that mean you always stay and give another chance? It?s certainly something to consider! But we as people always have the discernment to make a decision. I think safety always comes first and need never be disregarded. But I also think compassion, forgiveness and caring can also go a long way towards creating change.

So in the end, what did I learn from the dogs? To be open, loving and fun! To allow things to roll of my back and there?s never too much love. So is the life of the dogs!! What?s interesting is that as I was typing dog, I first typed it gods!! Hmmm, a slip or pertinent?

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