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Changes In & On the Earth

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 21:26

I know that lots of people are talking about what?s happening around the world. In Japan, it?s the earthquakes, the tsunamis and now the nuclear power plants. In New Zealand and China, they too have experienced serious earthquakes. You then can see what?s happening in the middle east in terms of governments being over thrown and increased unrest in Afghanistan to name a few.

I see all this; I acknowledge it as a profound change the earth is going through. Our collective consciousness continues to shift, moving into higher vibrations. The Goddess has said over and over since the first of the year that this is a year of truth. People have different interpretations of what that means to them. As I see it, there is an energy rising within people that is leading them to realize what is most important in their lives. This truth is an opening to greater divinity within. This truth is about finding your peace, love, acceptance and balance within you.

I?ve posted a channel that I did with the Goddess, Kwan Yin, Gaia and many others. During this channel they speak of the changes starting specifically with Japan. You too can assist in healing and shifting the energy. I absolutely believe in focusing on what feels good, what feels like expansion and what allows love to be at the forefront of life. As you listen to the channel, you can feel yourself actually merging with the earth and infusing it with balance. While the focus may be on Japan, you can see, sense, feel how this energy flows from there around the world.

I believe in the world! I believe in the immense flow of energy as it moves within and around each of us. I believe in the lightbody energy, the crystalline energy that continually infuses the earth. I believe in the greater balance that is achieved as each of us finds our own truth and we allow our divinity to flow through at greater and greater amounts.

I invite you to listen to the channel and please share with me your thoughts, feelings, experiences. Here is the link to the channel:

In the flow of great love~~~~


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