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Balance , emotional , feminine , masculine , spiritual , venus , venus retrograde on August 20, 2015

When you consider balance in your life, do ever associate it with the sun and the moon?  This is another way in which to draw in energy that can be utilized to support you. 

What do you consider masculine within you?  For many you may say, ‘well I’m a man’!  But no matter what sex you are, you have masculine and feminine within you that reflects who you are in this lifetime. 

There are several ways in which people associate masculine energies:

1)   It’s the times in which you are in movement – moving forward, taking action, etc.

2)   The masculine is on the right side of your body.

3)   The right side is what sends the energy out from you.

4)   The masculine is associated with the...

choice , control , flow , opportunity , potential , releasing control , victim on July 29, 2015

Sometimes things happen that we just don’t have any control over.  We do our best, we trouble shoot things; but it happens.  When it does, we then go into questioning mode; why me? Why did it happen? What’s the purpose? What’s the lesson? Sometimes there just isn’t an answer. Sometimes it will give you clarity and other times it’s a wakeup call in a long list of similar experiences.

Take the Goddess Light teleconference on July 19, 2015.  I’ve been calling into the same bridge line for at least 6 years if not 9, I honestly can’t remember when I switched from a different one.  This time for whatever reason, nobody could hear me talking, nor could I hear them talking.  As I entered the room the computer voice said all the usual things.  As I looked at the...

celestial patterns , conscious , consciousness , reality , unconscious , universal light on July 23, 2015

When you listen to and practice the energies in this Goddess Channel you will align with the source of universal energy. This energy is massive, yet it feels so full and rich. It’s very much integrated into our divine self because it’s what is associated with that part of us.

I know bits and pieces of astrology and don’t always pay a lot of attention. As this channel was taking place, suddenly I could each constellation that was associated with each astrological sign as if lit up within the universe. I could see how each one had a different vibration or flow. From that vibration, as the flowed down into the people of that astrological sign I thought that’s why we’re different. I could also sense how the geometric flow of sacred geometry aligned within this space.

We as humanity have a...

awareness , cellular regeneration , clearing blocks , communication , consciousness , DNA , expansion on July 8, 2015

I’ve been channeling the Goddess of Creation twice a month for 12 years now and this channel has something very unique!! There’s a tone when you listen to the audio or the YouTube that is at times very loud, sometimes subtle. The Goddess and Universal light beings are working with everyone’s vibration to create the change taking place during this channel!

We are made up of cells, billions and trillions of cells that speak to each other as they circulate through your body creating you as the human. The body is a phenomenal piece of art that does all this without anyone doing a thing, it’s automated. Consider thought if you begin to make conscious choices. You consciously choose a body that fully supports you. You consciously choose a body free of any illness. You consciously choose a body...

Balance , dragons , earth , elementals , illuminated flames , summer solstice , universal light , winter Solstice on June 24, 2015

Happy Solstice!! I know many of you are celebrating your winter solstice; here it's my summer! I got together with my friends last night for Melba Black's Druid ceremony and it was a powerful as always. I love these ceremonies and then afterwards we talk about our perceptions.

I know there are many different ways in which to connect with the earth, with the universe, with the elements and with each other.  These gatherings are for all of that.  We have a group that is different each time we meet but there are perhaps 12-15 of us who are consistent.  We always enjoy talking afterwards about what we experience because we add another piece to the puzzle!

One of the coolest things is the color of the fire! If we didn’t know better, we’d think something was added to cause it to take...

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