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Ascension , biology , crystalline , DNA , lunar eclipse , not sleeping , solar eclipse , solar flairs , super moon , Transition , universal light on September 30, 2015

We are living in amazing times right now!!  The past two weeks have opened a portal that created a vortex of amazing, crystalline energies.  We speak of ascension; this was it.  We speak of the dimensions; this was it.  IT was the infusion of even more crystalline energy that was anchored by the Solar Eclipse September 12th, the Equinox September 23rd and then the Lunar Eclipse and super moon September 27th.  You can also add into that the solar flares that create darts of energy.

One of the ways that people feel this that communication is very intense.  Some people are experiencing miscommunication.  Some people find a greater clarity in something they seek.  Still others may find more options thereby making a decision hard to make.  People are also feeling...

communication , crossing over , death , discordant soul , ghosts , healing , life after death , medium , Transition , transitioning energy on September 10, 2015

There is one area of life that affects everyone; yet it’s something most people don’t want to talk about. Your transition out of this life or some may call it death.  With the work I do in channeling the angels and beings of light, I also can channel people who’ve crossed over.  Then guess what I learned?  People did not have to be dead for me to connect! I can connect with anyone soul to soul whether they are alive or crossed over.  This also works with animals, trees, situations; anything living or with consciousness.

Each of us has a soul and that soul is everlasting.  Every religion upon earth speaks to the soul as the foundation for who you are.  People have beliefs systems that create their perspective on this life and through these beliefs someone may or may not...

bridge , Catherine Whelan Costen , channeling , emotional , energy , healing , nursing , perspective , physical , RN on September 4, 2015

I guess you can tell from the teleconferences and the many bogs and channels I’ve done that I like to talk! I like to meet new people and learn lots of cool stuff.  I of course LOVE to be in the energies of the angels, guides, light beings all the time.  I find that they are always with me or easily accessible so that any time I reach out; they’re right there.  In fact, I feel as if I flow in and out of channeling energies all day long.

During my recent interview with Catherine Whelan Costen ( we talked about how my traditional nursing experience is aligned with my channeling experiences.  In fact, I even said in the interview that I’m still my normal self I just flow between different perspectives.  As people move...

abundance , allowing , energy , financial , flow , lion's gate , lions gate , money , vibration on September 3, 2015

This teleconference channel is based in a LOT of really powerful energies.  On August 8, 2015 there was a huge influx of energy through what people called the ‘Lion’s Gate’.  This has this name because through numerology that day is 8-8-8 (8 for August, 8 for the day and when you add 2+0+1+5 it’s another 8) a vortex was created in the universe that pulsed energy and potential into the collective consciousness.  It’s referred to as Lion’s gate because it occurred during the month of Leo or the Lion in astrology.

During this channel at several points I’m actually channeling the Lion’s energy!  When we arrived in the All That Is, it was as if I could feel the lion pacing on the floor beside me.  As he walked back and forth he was filled with energy that I was tapping...

Balance , emotional , feminine , masculine , spiritual , venus , venus retrograde on August 20, 2015

When you consider balance in your life, do ever associate it with the sun and the moon?  This is another way in which to draw in energy that can be utilized to support you. 

What do you consider masculine within you?  For many you may say, ‘well I’m a man’!  But no matter what sex you are, you have masculine and feminine within you that reflects who you are in this lifetime. 

There are several ways in which people associate masculine energies:

1)   It’s the times in which you are in movement – moving forward, taking action, etc.

2)   The masculine is on the right side of your body.

3)   The right side is what sends the energy out from you.

4)   The masculine is associated with the...

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