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automatic writing , Classes , meditation , Opening to Channel on October 31, 2014

This weekend I have an online course for Opening to Channel! This class will assist you with automatic writing, learning your strongest sensitivities, various forms of energy and the process for channeling.

During this class I’ll have a number of meditations that will allow you to experience your expanded energy. You will also have the chance to work with shifting energy. Everyone has the potential to channel; this class will assist you with opening up that potential. Most often people will channel their guides, God/Goddess and more during this class. I invite you to see where it goes for you~~~

Opening to Channel is a 2 day class, 10 am – 2 pm both Saturday and Sunday. Each class is filled with different experiences all of which assist you in bring that which is unconscious into the conscious. We...

Divinity , integration , love , Teleconference Channel on October 27, 2014

I believe the message that the Goddess of Creation is conveying again and again is that ‘There is only love’. It just feel so beautiful even as I’m typing it. The teleconference on October 19, 2014 speaks about this. We all know that we are human, having this experience. We all know that we have a soul that is our link to our divinity. But what I think people forget is that these are not separate. We are not two completely independent aspects of ourselves living within this body --- well, yes, many of you do feel that way and you can become segmented!! BUT when you have the intention of knowing more about who you are, what you’re doing in this life; you have the opportunity to remember that your at your foundation a soul essence. If there is but one thing for you get from all of these channels...

conscious living center , fear , Group Channel , joy , shifting energy on October 25, 2014

Woohoo!!  Once a month I do a group channel at the Conscious Living Center in Canton, GA,   These have been getting progressively more powerful and amazing~~ I wanted to share several things...

1) before I began, I told people, keep an eye on my computer in case it shuts down.  I've had a couple occasions where the battery drained or it re-booted or just whatever this issue.  It was at the end of a very cool 2nd half when I reached over and the computer was shut off!!  I looked down and the plug was partially pulled out from the wall!!  Then when I re-plugged it in, there were 23 minutes, still recording, but I'm not sure what was missed as yet!

2)  Crystal Blue Energy is really amazing! It comes through as a masculine energy, although he's definitely...

Ascension Process , Lady Gaia , St. Germain , Teleconference Channel , Your Life on October 6, 2014

This is from the teleconference of October 5, 2014 Why You Chose your Life. 

I wanted to talk about my experience during this teleconference perhaps also to create clarity for you.  Once we arrived in the All That Is, the Goddess began to speak about our lives and what’s happening in the world with the collective consciousness.  I think part of the foundation for this is that many people have asked both in teleconference questions and private channels ‘Why did I choose this life?’  They’ve also said ‘Why did I choose so much suffering?’  Then of course I’ve had others say ‘I would NEVER have chosen this life, it’s too painful’. 

I know that on a very conscious, human level all of those statements are true! You wouldn’t say bring...

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Contacting Shelly , New ideas on September 29, 2014

It’s been a really funny week!  I have this of things that I’d like to write about in my blog, but it seems like the time just flies by and I haven’t added anything. 

First of all, if you’ve sent me a message through the website and I haven’t answered, SORRY just a little glitch from the new site.  Please email me directly at  I’ve noticed the blog page is also not always showing in Firefox.  So bear with me, it’s a fantastic site and it’ll get there! 

With the conversion, I took out the Dolphin channels because I wasn’t channeling them as consistently.  BUT I’ve decided to add them back in through the Blog.  The Blog will have its own search engine, so...

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