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3rd dimension , 5th dimension , accountable , choices , choosing , dimensions , transparent , vibration on February 3, 2016

I find that the Goddess of Creation speaks of transparence again and again.  It occurs to me that there are probably a number of things happening here that we don’t fully comprehend! Well, isn’t that true with so many things pertaining to ascension!!

Transparency is something that affects our lives in many different ways.  As the Goddess spoke of it in this channel, she was speaking about the ways our energy becomes lighter, thinner the higher the vibration. 

Think back to a time when you were solidly within the 3rd dimension.  I can choose say the ‘80’s or even early ‘90’s and if you remember you had to make a plan and then push, talk, network; make a lot of effort in order for things to happen.  It’s as if you are moving through thicker time/ space...

Arcturian , Arcturus , crystalline , Pleiades , Pleiadian , Universal Light Beings; lightbody; Light Body; Omniverse on January 14, 2016

 LINK TO YOU TUBE EXCERPT   I love whenever I move to a new level of channeling consciousness. It comes to me in different ways and the most recent has been meeting the universal light beings that came through during the Goddess Light Teleconference, January 03, 2016.  One thing I noticed at the very beginning was that the entire All That Is was lifted to a higher level which is reflective of the shift that has taken place.

There were a couple of interesting things that took place  during this channel.  I wear a Fitbit and at the very beginning I felt a need to take it off, my sense is taking off the electronic.  Then my cell phone ended up on the floor a couple feet from my foot.  When the Arcturian was speaking, it beeped and...

consciousness , cromagnan , evolution , indigenous , Lemuria , neanderthol , star seed on January 9, 2016

 2015 was really a year of transitions!  I heard throughout the year about struggles that people had frustrations and a feeling of limbo. During the last several months  I've had many physical transitions that have led to mental and emotional changes. I know many call this the ascension symptoms.

One way that I've really noticed the manifestation is in my channeling. I've always been able to connect with many energies or beings of light; this is still true. But a difference is that I'm connecting at a higher, different, deeper, more intense level. It's a little hard to put into words, but the effect is that I’m receiving new information and when I work 1:1 with people, the energies can be more intense with greater clarity and energy movement taking place.

I was working with...

2016 , crystalline , light energy , love , new energy , New Year , New Years Day on January 1, 2016

 YouTube Video of the Message! I hope this finds you well!  Here we are, a new year yet again.  I know many of you will receive this on the 2nd, but it’s funny how things work!  We talk all the time about right timing.  I had set aside time on Wednesday to channel the Goddess, actually recorded 4 or 5 messages but I didn’t like any of them!  They felt awkward and forced.  So I let it go, said if I channel a message it will come.  Today I get up, it works just fine. 

I am moving into 2016 feeling different.  I’ve spoken for a long time about changes in energy and how things are becoming much more transparent.  What that means to me is that with the higher vibrations that are now infusing the earth...

allowing , Archangel MIchael , celebration , clearing , Jesus , joy , love , old energy , Sananda , Yehsua on December 31, 2015

If you were to celebrate your life, how would it look?  Would the focus be on all the ‘stuff’ you have to get done; running errands, going to work, taking care of your family.  Would your focus immediately go to your accomplishments?  Would you celebrate that you made it through another year? For all of the millions of people upon the earth I’m sure there are millions of potentials. 

This gives you a chance to sit for a moment and really take stock.  First of all; close your eyes for a few moments and breathe deeply.  With each breath that you take in, consciously let it flow deeply within you and let go of any tension or stress. 

Now, take another look. We as people are created through our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, experiences, spiritual and physical energy bodies...

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