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dimensions , expansion , Goddess Light Teleconference; unconscious; lightbody; integrate on November 18, 2014

I sometimes wonder if I have experiences because it’s something the Goddess would like to talk with all of us about OR if she pulls the information from the experiences I have.  Sounds kind of convoluted; but this week especially it was going through my mind. 

I’ve wondered for years why certain things manifest for people with great ease and why other times things just don’t.  I’ve seen this with friends and family, but also with those people I work with.  When we’re working with people, we can oftentimes see certain potentials around people; perhaps it’s a job, move, relationship or something else totally different.  Then they tell me later, nothing ever came...

Ascension Process , Atlantis , Collective Consciousness , DNA , Lemuria on November 12, 2014

Earlier this week I was interviewed by Catherine Whelan Costen of Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine (LGRCC) about our DNA and the changes taking place. We never know where our chats will go, but they are always filled with light, fun and interesting topics!

I’ve been teaching Living in the New Energy and week 4 was about our DNA.  (This link will take you to that blog) which is what prompted Catherine to want to talk about it. Whenever I’m being interviewed, teaching, giving a talk I’m always in and out of channel. What that means is that I can feel the energies of the angels, I find my posture changing and next thing I know, I’m saying something that causes me...

Class , DNA , Expanding Consciousness , Living in the New Energy on November 6, 2014

Tonight was week 4 of my 6 week series on Living in the New Energy. We talked about DNA and you know, it was really cool and a little unexpected. I found this was giving us the biological foundation for all the expanded consciousness that we're experiencing. I could see the bridge with the higher energies. I could see what's grounding. Then of course all that's in between. I told Wendy, what we know now it probably going to change as more information comes out!! 

During a meditation I did at the end of the class, it totally made sense about how amazing our bodies are!  We'll be able to heal so much through shifting the energy of our DNA.  We can do it energetically and it'll manifest in our physical reality.  I could see the direct link from our physical into the...

conscious living center , new energy , new people on November 6, 2014

I'm really excited about this upcoming Friday evening, November 7, 2014 at 7:00pm.  Real Talk Cafe is a new concept from the Conscious Living Center and it's a way for people to come and ask random questions!! No question is too odd.  I remember when I was first opening up it seemed as if I was read angel book after angel book.  I loved when people spoke of their encounters and thought how I would LOVE for that to happen to me!!  

Well, here I am, years later and now I'm one of the people talking to the angels, teachers, guides, etc.  I always thought of myself as just a typical person who suddenly became curious of all things metaphysical and the process of exploring life and what was available, I learned all sorts of new things. 

We will have a panel that...

Divinity , healing , I AM , Source , Teleconference Channel on November 3, 2014

All healing that takes place within your life, begins in the All That Is.  Your alignment and acceptance of the light of your divinity can transform everything within your life. This in effect can heal your life.

Each one of these channels gives us the opportunity to know our divinity and to create a deeper alignment.  The foundation for any healing within you is your divinity, your God Source essence.  You came from a spec of light or intention that grew over the eons into your I AM presence. 

From that presence and consciousness, you became the person you are in this lifetime. It is your human self; the mental, emotional, physical, earthbound spiritual that creates the distance from source.  This to me is a part of people’s experience on earth.

While in the All That Is, the...

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