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Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 02:13

You can find this channel under the ‘special audio’ section on my home page, but I also wanted to write about it here and encourage y’all to share your thoughts and comments! It’s kind of a long channel, an hour and 10 minutes, but I’d say the majority about the actual birth is 50 minutes.

I was raised a Catholic and therefore follow the Christian traditions for the holidays. Since I’ve been channeling the Goddess, I’m more infused with the universal energy. I have seen through her eyes how all the religions are from the same source; just different aspects and energy. I have deep respect for whatever belief a person has because that’s your belief. So when it came to this channel, I purposely had the experience in the Awakenet ( because it’s a smaller group and felt more comfortable.

It’s over 24 hours since I channeled this experience and I can STILL feel it’s affect. I feel the amazing experience that it was. I feel how it truly was the foundation for what we are all experiencing right now. It was amazing to see the utter trust that was experienced by all we aligned with, meaning Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Wise men, AA Gabriel.

In the channel, it began at the actual birth. From there, we aligned with AA Gabriel. He then took us to the place of meeting Mary, prior to conception. We met her as the angel she was, we experienced the conception. There was even talk that her mother Anna was also of the same pure energy; I could feel that.

AA Gabriel took us through the universe to see how the energies were lining up that created the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. It was as if there was an open door created between the earth and the universe or ‘heaven and earth’. Through this opening, there was a stream of profound energy and light that was able to descend and integrate upon the earth. You can experience this for yourself.

You can also feel the energies of each of the Wise Men or Kings. You can hear the information about them and where they came from. They all played very integral parts in this transformation.

I had a sense of the stable as a lean to against a house. It had a roof and two walls, it was very open. I was told yes, this is how it occurred. It was intended to be simple yet profound. The star was directly overhead as Jesus was born and the tip of it came down until it touched the energy of the baby. This is what created a vortex and the light it emanated could be seen for miles away.

I can’t remember if it was in response to someone’s question or just as Gabriel spoke, but he mentioned how a farmer saw the light and was drawn to it. How he placed stalks of wheat at the opening as a gift. I could feel how it changed him for the rest of his life. I could feel a shepherd. I could feel all the entourage associated with the Kings.

I hope you will experience this channel and allow the light of that time and experience to fill you with the unconditional love and acceptance that I was feeling. Allow yourself to align and feel if you too were a part of this process.

To listen to the audio, please follow this link:

Thank you and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and much joy at this time of the Solstice or for whatever holiday you may enjoy~~


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