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Energy Bodies , Teleconference Channel on September 11, 2014

The Goddess Light Teleconference from September 7, 2014 was about really connecting with your energy bodies.   May have me level of awareness about your energy bodies already, but this will take it even further for you with detailed alignment and clearing of each of your fields.

When speaking about the Physical Body, the Goddess referenced our structure that makes us human… sounds kinda funny that way! There are so many differences in our galaxy and the universe that a part of the human experience is to have a physical body.  She encourages us to align with our body and then release pain, disease, slow function; whatever problem we may be having.  I could see people had this sluggishness of the circulation through the body which was released as we worked with this energy.

From there, the...

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Life Experiences on September 6, 2014

I just went back and typed in the title of this newsletter -- Lightbody Integration & You've Arrived!  Here's an experience of having arrived!!

How many times has the Goddess spoken of energy, of alignment, of creating through what you want to have? It feels as if this has been the focus for years.  I’d say that the majority of the time, I’m in the flow.  I’d also say that there are times when I get really frustrated with the ‘why not’s’ – why hasn’t that happened?  And the ‘when’s’ – when is it going to happen?
Today was a wonderful experience of being in the flow for me! I noticed things so...

Channels and Gatherings on June 11, 2014


I had such  a good time at the Awakened Spirit Expo!  I met all so rts of new people and had a really busy 2 days.  I’m not one who’s participated in psychic fairs very much. In fact, I only did it once!  But from the time I heard about this Expo, I was just really excited to participate. 

I had 15 minute reading back to back throughout most of the days of 

the weekend.   Here are a few things that I found really cool


1)brought down the column of light and encircled us just prior to the channel.  

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The Environment on May 1, 2014

I have this gorgeous Maple tree that has supported and nurtured me throughout the time I’ve lived in this house!!  It welcomes me when I come home every day.  I love to look at it when I’m on my porch and even when I’m channeling….I look out the windows at its leaves.  I was in fact on my porch today when I could hear it talking to me.  This is an area of my yard where I always feel the Fairies hanging out!  I’m posting some pictures and you’ll notice how the tree took a 90 degree turn, growing sideways for a while, then when back upwards.  I always feel as if that’s what my has been like.  I took a couple of distinct turns and it’s brought me to where I am right now.

Messages from my tree:

Hello to all and...

Personal Growth on March 12, 2014

When it comes to our lives, we are the only ones who can truly create a change.  The insight for change may come from many different places, but it’s our reaction to that change that creates the changes in our lives. 

My life is great and I’m really happy!  That being said, there’s still more I’ve wanted to do and have felt as if I was holding myself back somehow. I, just as everyone else in the world, have had some traumatic events that have shaped my life, so I decided to have a healing with a friend of mine, Marjorie Hilliard, who does 5th dimensional healing, imprint removal and more. 

I was a little curious when we got part way through and she says to me, we need to do a soul retrieval.  I thought ME?  I’ve...

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