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Buddha , channeling , Christ , crystalline , empowering , giving , Transformation , Vesak , Wesak on May 26, 2016

The Wesak Festival takes places in the Himalayan Mountains and is the celebration of the Buddha’s birthday.  Traditionally it takes place on the first full moon in May.  The last several years in particular through the Goddess Light Teleconferences we have really had some amazing energies that we can tap into around this experience.

Wesak is a gathering that takes place in a high meadow in the Himalayan Mountains and is a time when Buddha & Christ return to earth to add their light for all to see and experience.

I remember some of the first times I channeled for the Wesak it was as if we gathered along the sides and top of the mountains that surround this high meadow within the mountains.  My perception is that we have moved down the mountains becoming more and more a part of the...

dimensions , elementals , fairies , light , Lord Metatron , Melchizedek , Metatron , Sananda , Transformation on April 27, 2016

Whenever I channel the Goddess in one of the Free Teleconferences, I’m amazed at the energy, the vibration, the messages that she gives us.  Over the years I KNOW it’s had a tremendous impact upon me in so many different ways.  I have no doubt that many of the people who’ve followed these channels feel the same way.

How many times to read something and it’s in and out of your mind?  How often  do you read something just the once; but you never forget what it was about?  This is part of what I find so interesting about life.  And then, there energy of intention.  For all those many times that you see a title or billboard or a book cover and never go any further; yet it still sticks in your mind. 

This is the energy of intention.  Anything...

Anniversary , channeling , Collective Consciousness , crystalline , dimension , energies , Goddess Light , light body , Lightbody , Transformation on April 14, 2016

  Anniversaries are a really fun time to experience.  Of course one can have an anniversary for any reason but for me, I’m talking about the time I’ve been channeling the Goddess Light Free Teleconference.  It’s been 13 years of twice a month, wow! 

During that time I’ve seen SUCH an evolution in the energies that I channel.  The foundation for the teleconferences and my website is the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of God.  I first began to channel her in 2001 as the earth was naturally seeking balance of the masculine and feminine.  I then published a website and began the teleconference on 2 Sunday’s of the month.

I still remember the first few that comprised 2-3 of my good friends!  There wasn’t Facebook.  Google was...

dimension , earth , elementals , energy , fairies , Gaia , inner earth , Lady Gaia on March 31, 2016

  The Fairies were one of the first groups of elementals that I opened up to receive as I was opening to channel.  I still remember the sense of seeing sparkles. I still remember the feeling of being drawn to sit outside and most especially in the woods.  They always have been warm, loving and protective of me.

I remember people talking about them and that the elementals were no longer available to us.  I thought ‘hmm, really, because I can feel them’.  As I spoke with them in more detail I was told that actually many, many years ago they went into the earth because it wasn’t safe for them to be upon the earth.  Apparently at one time they very much a part of life upon the earth.  They walked, talked and interacted with humans.  Then as the energy of the...

3rd dimension , 5th dimension , accountable , choices , choosing , dimensions , transparent , vibration on February 3, 2016

I find that the Goddess of Creation speaks of transparence again and again.  It occurs to me that there are probably a number of things happening here that we don’t fully comprehend! Well, isn’t that true with so many things pertaining to ascension!!

Transparency is something that affects our lives in many different ways.  As the Goddess spoke of it in this channel, she was speaking about the ways our energy becomes lighter, thinner the higher the vibration. 

Think back to a time when you were solidly within the 3rd dimension.  I can choose say the ‘80’s or even early ‘90’s and if you remember you had to make a plan and then push, talk, network; make a lot of effort in order for things to happen.  It’s as if you are moving through thicker time/ space...

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