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Balance , dragons , earth , elementals , illuminated flames , summer solstice , universal light , winter Solstice on June 24, 2015

Happy Solstice!! I know many of you are celebrating your winter solstice; here it's my summer! I got together with my friends last night for Melba Black's Druid ceremony and it was a powerful as always. I love these ceremonies and then afterwards we talk about our perceptions.

I know there are many different ways in which to connect with the earth, with the universe, with the elements and with each other.  These gatherings are for all of that.  We have a group that is different each time we meet but there are perhaps 12-15 of us who are consistent.  We always enjoy talking afterwards about what we experience because we add another piece to the puzzle!

One of the coolest things is the color of the fire! If we didn’t know better, we’d think something was added to cause it to take...

clearing , energy , future potentials , manifesting , past , past life , spiral , time on June 17, 2015

What does shifting time mean to you?  Is it creating enough time to get something done? Is it shifting the energy so that you arrive at work on time? Is it shifting the energy so that your project is done in the flow?

It’s all of these things!  Time truly is non-linear.  Therefore you can tap into it in many, many different ways.  You may consider a timeline of your life and where you are right now.  You may consider last year in the past, next year in the future.  What would happen if you could go back to the past and make a change?  What would happen if you could go into the future and see the outcome of your choices?  

It sounds like science fiction but it’s happening more often and more easily than people realize.  I...

british airways , britishairways , calm , in flight , meditation , relaxation on June 10, 2015

Meditation for the ground and now up in the air...

British Airways recently began testing meditation videos to be watched by nervous passengers, in the hopes of calming their frazzled flying nerves. The videos, made in partnership with The Mindfulness Institute, apply meditative techniques to the uniquely nerve-wracking experience of air travel by incorporating the feelings of flying into the mindfulness exercises. They also could help other passengers relax and rest.

Each video is just a few minutes long, and features Mindfulness Institute founder Mark Coleman leading a series of guided meditations that help passengers center themselves and “set a positive tone for the rest of [their] trip.” The videos will be available to travelers via the in-flight entertainment systems found on...

Buddha , Christ , earthquake , Kwan Yin , Lady Gaia , Melchizedek , Metatron , Nepal , Pleiadians , Sananda , Vesak Festival , Wesak Festival on May 13, 2015

This channel took place exactly during the time of the full moon!  This is also the Wesak or Vesak celebration.  The Wesak festival is located in Shambhala, which is in the Himalayan Mountains and is a time to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. During the Full moon of May the Buddha & the Christ return to earth to meadow in Shambhala. 

As we moved into the meadow in preparation for their descent, I could see people gathering all around the meadow.  Some were in the meadow, others along the outskirts or up the sides of the mountain. 

This year was very unique in that a major earthquake occurred in Nepal during which over 8,000 people transitioned.    During the channel they Goddess and other beings of light spoke about the many souls who’d transitioned and that they...

cellular , clear , deeper integration. , emotional , imprint , mental on May 4, 2015

So much of our lives seem to be lived by rote.  We get up, go to work, spend time with friends and family, go sleep; do it again.  Routines like this can be very beneficial, but they can also place you in a rut.  Every experience that you have creates a snapshot of that moment.  Many of these moment move through us and out into the delete file. But if there was anything particularly emotional either great joy, fear, sadness, trauma it creates a snapshot that becomes an imprint. 

Each one of us are filled with imprints.  They align with all of our energy bodies; the Physical Body – from a cellular level, cellular memory.  The Emotional Body – this may create areas that strengthen us with support or blocks that keep pulling you back into the past. ...

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