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Contacting Shelly , New ideas on September 29, 2014

It’s been a really funny week!  I have this of things that I’d like to write about in my blog, but it seems like the time just flies by and I haven’t added anything. 

First of all, if you’ve sent me a message through the website and I haven’t answered, SORRY just a little glitch from the new site.  Please email me directly at  I’ve noticed the blog page is also not always showing in Firefox.  So bear with me, it’s a fantastic site and it’ll get there! 

With the conversion, I took out the Dolphin channels because I wasn’t channeling them as consistently.  BUT I’ve decided to add them back in through the Blog.  The Blog will have its own search engine, so...

Balance , Fall / Spring Equinox , Teleconference Channel on September 22, 2014

Happy Equinox!!  I don’t know when I’ve paid as much attention to the changing of the seasons.  Well, I’ll say one reason is because FALL IS MY FAVORITE!!  I love it because I love the chilly weather, the changing of the trees, getting out the sweaters and jackets but most of all…………pumpkin!  I love anything pumpkin.  In fact, last weekend I had pumpkin chili and it was awesome!!

On to Goddess Light stuff!! Sunday, September 21st’s channel was all about the balance and all about the equinox.  The Goddess took us into the All That Is but almost immediately opened the ‘window’ so to speak to the universe.  We had an opportunity to look out at the stars, the Milky Way, the planets and earth.  I could see how we truly...

ET's , Fall Equinox , Group Channel , Mother Teresa on September 16, 2014

Once a month I have a Group channel at the Conscious Living Center in Canton, GA.  These are open to anyone who’d like to experience a channel.  Each channel is a wonderful way to experience the channeled messages of many different energies. Some of the group channels have consisted of:

·         Connecting with the Mayan’s talking about the Mayan Prophesy.

·         Received messages from the Intergalactic Council; which is a group energy of the ET’s.

·         St. Germain spoke of DNA and the changes taking place.

·         A group of divine feminine spoke of the angelic light,...

Energy Bodies , Teleconference Channel on September 11, 2014

The Goddess Light Teleconference from September 7, 2014 was about really connecting with your energy bodies.   May have me level of awareness about your energy bodies already, but this will take it even further for you with detailed alignment and clearing of each of your fields.

When speaking about the Physical Body, the Goddess referenced our structure that makes us human… sounds kinda funny that way! There are so many differences in our galaxy and the universe that a part of the human experience is to have a physical body.  She encourages us to align with our body and then release pain, disease, slow function; whatever problem we may be having.  I could see people had this sluggishness of the circulation through the body which was released as we worked with this energy.

From there, the...

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Life Experiences on September 6, 2014

I just went back and typed in the title of this newsletter -- Lightbody Integration & You've Arrived!  Here's an experience of having arrived!!

How many times has the Goddess spoken of energy, of alignment, of creating through what you want to have? It feels as if this has been the focus for years.  I’d say that the majority of the time, I’m in the flow.  I’d also say that there are times when I get really frustrated with the ‘why not’s’ – why hasn’t that happened?  And the ‘when’s’ – when is it going to happen?
Today was a wonderful experience of being in the flow for me! I noticed things so...

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