Welcome to Goddess Light

Shelly Dressel, RN, channels very high vibrational Angels and Beings of Light including the Goddess of Creation.

  • Channeling – when angels and light beings speak through Shelly.
  • Purpose – answer questions, move old energy, relief from pain, increase your connection to source, soul communication with others.
  • Through Shelly’s classes, group channels, private sessions, meditations and free teleconferences (meditations from the All That Is) you have many ways in which to open to a greater awareness of the light within you.

I’ll go live Sunday, September 18, 2016  @ 9:00 pm EST

Upcoming Class

Opening to Channel is one of the best ways that you can open to self-love, strengthening your inner connection to source or getting to know yourself; that alignment between human and soul. So many people are already channeling! You do so when you receive messages from your higher self or when you have those insights that seemingly come from nowhere! Anybody can learn to channel.

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Express Who You Are, September 18, 2016

Expressing who you are is really a pivotal part of your growth as a human and as this soul expressing as you~~  I think everyone can get caught up in life and in what is expected of them.  In some ways this gives you structure and definition of your life. 

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Today’s Message October 01, 2016

Speaking of choosing your life: Whenever I say something like that I always hear the people coming behind saying, “But my life is exactly the same”, “But nothing has changed, I’m still frustrated”. If indeed that is your reality, that is the way that life has been for...

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