Welcome to Goddess Light

Shelly Dressel, RN, channels very high vibrational Angels and Beings of Light including the Goddess of Creation.

  • Channeling – when angels and light beings speak through Shelly.
  • Purpose – answer questions, move old energy, relief from pain, increase your connection to source, soul communication with others.
  • Through Shelly’s classes, group channels, private sessions, meditations and free teleconferences (meditations from the All That Is) you have many ways in which to open to a greater awareness of the light within you.

I’ll go live Sunday, October 16, 2016  @ 9:00 pm EST


Upcoming Class

Opening to Channel is one of the best ways that you can open to self-love, strengthening your inner connection to source or getting to know yourself; that alignment between human and soul. So many people are already channeling! You do so when you receive messages from your higher self or when you have those insights that seemingly come from nowhere! Anybody can learn to channel.

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What is Your Perception of Life? October 16, 2016

When I ask the question ‘how do you perceive your life’; what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Is this first impression something that lifts you up? Or perhaps it pulls you down?

Your life has created a pattern of energy that is woven around you.  Your experiences create

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Daily Message October 20, 2016

When there is discord between you and someone else:  There is no right or wrong.  When it comes to someone’s beliefs a belief is simply that a belief.  If you transition or transform within your life you will sometimes let go old beliefs that no-longer serve you and...

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