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Welcome to Goddess Light

Shelly Dressel, RN, channels very high vibrational Angels and Beings of Light including the Goddess of Creation.

  • Channeling – when angels and light beings speak through Shelly.

  • Purpose – answer questions, move old energy, relief from pain, increase your connection to source, soul communication with others. 

  • Through Shelly’s classes, group channels, private sessions, meditations and free teleconferences (meditations from the All That Is) you have many ways in which to open to a greater awareness of the light within you. 

Latest Blog

November 11, 2015

What a powerful time we are experiencing!  I know we hear that time and again, but actually it’s true that we are in a time of profound increases in energy and light.  Today, November 11, 2015 is a day in which there is a new moon which is always a window to opportunity.  When you add the powerful energy from 11:11 you are given an extra boost that will assist you in moving forward. What does this mean to you?  If you have been seeking to manifest something, now it the time to really focus upon what it is you DO want to have in your life.  Another way of thinking about a portal or the energies of this day is to...

Message from the Goddess

I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out with the intention of embracing each and every one of you who are listening to this at this time -- whenever it is that you listen or watch this video. But I also reach out to every single human upon the earth with the intention that I flow love, that I flow light, that I flow unconditional awareness for all that is taking place upon your planet.

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